A Day After Tomorrow

Hello to You!

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May you be encouraged and enjoy the rest of your week.
If you are on holidays for Easter, enjoy the break and remember the reason why we enjoy all those Chocolate Eggs and good food.

Sending much Love…

Love, Love me too!

So the trend for this day is “Love is in the air!” Right? Well, not always!

Growing up I never received a Valentines Card! When I think about it now I wonder how on earth that happened!!! But it is the truth, I never got anything – until I was in my late twenties. (Yes, I battle to believe it too!!!) My dad would walk with me to our post box each year (probably secretly praying that this year it would be different), and usually there was a letter for my sister, but never for me. I pretended to not let it worry me, but deep down, Yes! You guessed it, I was heart broken, but would still manage to walk inside with a smile, while my Dad would go put the kettle on and say, “hope you making!”.
As the years went on and I got older, Valentine’s Day was celebrated with friends. It seemed different, and as I reached adulthood I became my own Valentine, to myself.
Eventually the year arrived and there was a card for me! With the spoils and surprises, and of course I was over excited (I think my dad was more thrilled than anyone else!), but the truth was, I had learnt to enjoy Valentines Day as it should be – with myself, the people who love me most and that is really what it is all about!
If you are blessed with a super Valentine – enjoy him or her, but if not, don’t get all glum about it, in truth the first love should begin with you.

As the years have gone on, I was blessed to share many Valentines Days with my sweetheart, and then for some years I had no one. Life went back to my first love – it was “Me”. And again I have a Valentine and it is great, but in truth, it should begin with You, first – never forget that You come first.

If you dread this day or pray for it to just be over, or free yourself from the social media so you don’t have to see who is being spoilt with what and from whom, that is okay, but if there is something I can add to this day for you, it will be this… “Today, you are alive. Allow no one to steal your joy. You are you and there is no one better than You!” And today doesn’t have to be the only day to celebrate Love, if today for you has passed, tomorrow is another day and so is the next!

My son came to me this morning looking quite sad. I asked him what was wrong and why he was walking around the lounge so much, it was as though he had forgotten to do something, and he came up to me and whispered, “Mom, I should have made a card for her. But in a way I am glad I didn’t encase she doesn’t like me”!
Honestly, it didn’t excite me too much knowing my son is already thinking about making cards for a girl (well, at least he didn’t ask me for money!!!) but after watching him pace around I said to him quietly, “It doesn’t matter Boy. Today is not the only day you have to make anyone feel good about themselves. Tomorrow is another day.”

If you are blessed to be spoilt rotten with all the treats and gifts… enjoy them. You have clearly earned the right to be spoilt by a great love, but if you have not been lavished by another love, then treat yourself and go crazy. It is okay!

And from me to you, my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day. Be blessed knowing that you are good enough and if you are still waiting for your partner, be at peace, God is always on time! He knows what and who is best for you, so in the mean time enjoy you and surround yourself with people who love you for you too!

Love and God Bless,

Are you in the right War Room?

Let me begin by wishing you all a wonderful 2017. Wow!!! What a time it has been – enjoyed 3 weeks leave with my family and had a wonderful holiday. Needless to say after our holiday I needed another holiday just to get over it!
I most certainly believe 2017 has some exciting events up its sleeves and I am all ready for it!
My sincere prayers to each of you on is that this year will be a massive turn around of events in your lives. That whatever your heart is hoping for, you will see the fruits come to pass, for you and your family.
If your year did not start off too well, there is hope! It is only the beginning and we have many months to jam pack some good times in it and keep those smiles on our faces and the positive thoughts in our hearts and mind. Make great memories and take those photos to prove it!
And as we get up each morning, let us remember to start the day with Thanks, a huge breath and keep focused. I do not believe in New Year Resolutions because usually by this time in the year they have already been forgotten!
I think I am right in saying this!!!

I am not sure if any of you have watched the “War Room”. Well, if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you hire the DVD and watch it.
Did that movie open my eyes to many frustrations I have been experiencing for a while?
Wow Wow Wow is all I can say. In the beginning when it started I kind of drifted and thought, “what is this about?” and then it was as though I was in the movie itself. Everything became so real and my tears silently started to fall.
I will not tell the story… especially for those who would like to go and see it, but I will say this…

When you get angry, feel like the world is against you, enjoying that pity party all on your lonesome, fighting with your spouse, your kids, your boss or colleagues, everything seems to be going wrong and you just aren’t catching your breath – I want to ask you, “who do you fight with? Who are you constantly at war with”?
Do you take your anger out on your husband? Is he the “main cause” of your unhappiness? Are you fighting with your children? Do they see how unhappy you are? Are they even happy living at home?
Yip, I am coming on strongly. And yes, it’s Friday and I am making you think deep after a long week, but you have the next 2 days to think about these things and start making some positive changes. Perhaps you have some time to hire the movie – even if you have watched it before, perhaps it is time to get a kick in the butt again and watch it for the second time!
Yes I am talking to you!

You see, if you are constantly fighting against people (and I do understand certain circumstances cause different reactions – I am not numb to these situations), but in general life who are you always fighting against? What is your biggest problem you face? Do you spend your day wrecking havoc around your loved ones because you are constantly fighting a battle on your own, or your mind is in turmoil having a crazy time in your head while you all alone in the day making up stuff? If this is you, I am sad to say you are fighting the wrong way and with the wrong people – it is getting you no where, but landing you in a field of heart ache and self defeat and you will never solve the problem!
Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you and your partner fight over the same thing and feel like you are not “being heard” anymore or your feelings don’t matter? Do you still communicate, and love one another? Are you kids just not relating to anything you do or say to them? Has drugs / alcohol / emotional abuse made it’s ugly way into your home and you have lost control? Is everything you say, feel or do just feel negative and inadequate, like everything you do is getting you no where?
Today I would like for you to take a breath. A big breath if you need to, sit down and if you have to just cry. Let it out. Let it go.
It is okay.
I promise you. You will be stronger once you do what I am about to tell you, and you will live in more freedom than you do now – and so will your loved ones that surround you each day.

If you are feeling like you are in your own war zone you may just in fact be fighting in the wrong War room. You (I) need to get back to basics. We need to get down to the root of the problem. You (Me) – we can change the root of the problem by one (simple) step.
Change begins in us.
It starts when we find our peace, a place we can sit quietly on our own in the day and speak to the Lord. Write down everything that is bothering you. Whatever it is, write it down.
List it, if you need to. Take time to write it all down, the Lord has time – and with all your worrying it seems you have the time too.
Get hold of a Bible, or if you have a Smart phone read from the internet and read up on scripture. The Bible is loaded with verses where the Lord fights for you. He is your comforter, and if He is for you no one can be against you – anything and everything is possible with the Lord.
Place your list somewhere private, that only you can see (whatever you do in secret for the Lord, you will be rewarded) and pray each day that the Lord will go before you and clean up your mess and whatever challenges you are no longer coping with.

Let it GO…
Did you read that line and believe it? I said, “LET IT GO!” The Lord knows your heart and He waits for His children to ask for His help – and let Him handle it. The war is His, the enemy has already been defeated by Him. His victory lies in YOU.
Instead of fighting the war against the people you love and (perhaps) even yourself, once you hand it over, you will find your peace within the situation. Concentrate on yourself – nothing and no one else. Take time out for yourself and as you do so, you will notice the “big worries” that you had high up on a pedestal and stole your joy aren’t fully important anymore – your mind has been shifted into a place of quiet, and you have the strength and focus to improve life around you and not keep being stuck in the problem holding you in one place. Your focus has been moved to the King and His peace undertakes your life – trust me, when you at this point, it’s a good thing!

The enemy only comes to steal, lie, kill and destroy… I mean he ONLY comes to steal, lie, kill and destroy every GOOD thing God has put on this planet, that includes you and me too.
Whatever makes you happy, the enemy will come to steal that joy from you. And 9/10 times he gets the victory in our lives because we fight against the people who mean the most to us, we give up hope, we shoot out hateful words, we have affairs because it seems easier and the love in our relationships are hidden or lost, we cast our children out, we turn to drugs/alcohol or the wrong crowd of people, and we lower our price tag on how worthy we truly are as individuals. We forget we have favor with the Lord all because we allow the lies to creep in and we learn to believe it.
Instead of fighting against ourselves and the people close to us, why not get angry with the enemy? He deserves the havoc wrecked upon him! And I say this with brutal force and a mind equipped for and with Christ.
It is TIME to start letting God IN to do our fighting as He has already won the war when He died on the cross and we need to start reminding the enemy exactly where he stands – out of our house, out of authority of our heart and minds, out of our children’s lives, out of our marriage! He needs to be reminded his lies are no longer welcome, but will rather be received in the pit of hell where they belong. NO more!
The War should not be within us, but left for the Lord to do the fighting on our behalf.

As time goes by, you will see the fruits of your prayers. But it may not happen straight away, but you will see the change as it will start with you. Get rid of any negative thoughts or talk, gossip and if your friends / family are not of the positive type – then get back to your own war room, on your own and speak to the Lord ONLY. It is a daily prayer, we never give up on the good things that God has in store for us and we never lose hope in our loved ones, their future, your future and a good family. We never stop praying for our life and all the people who make up our world. We say sorry. We ask for forgiveness. We learn to be kinder to our own soul. We learn to see our truth and our focus is on the Lord and NOT us (me) and the situation we find ourselves in!

In saying this, as I have been giving my daily challenges to the Lord each day (especially more since watching this movie) and listening to my new Praise Worship CD my son gave to me for Christmas in my car, I have felt a lighter change within me.
When I wake up I start my day differently. As my feet hit the floor I am reminded who I am in Christ and today is a new day to pray and believe that all will be well and God is in control, even at times when I feel lost and alone.
It is not always easy, but I believe in God’s promise to each of us, I believe in good and bad – and often I feed the bad, more than I feed the good.
But, the test came this morning!
On our way to work my daughter was very upset as to how her teacher has been treating her of late and I found my “old ways in anger” creeping into my heart. I felt anger stir – it was tense. Instead of listening to my Praise CD I switched over to the radio. I was irritated and just got more angry listening to her and hearing how upset she was. I tried to speak positively to her and be careful of my words while doing so, (it was not easy), and I encouraged her to pray for her teacher instead of being upset and enjoy the day as she has a whole year with her in the same class room.
In the back of my mind I did not feel like praying for this woman, I was planning out my brutal attack as to what I was going to say to her at the Parents evening next week. I felt like the War Room had waged war within me and I was on fire … but all for the wrong reasons.
It was not easy. My focus had been shifted to a blurry vision.
I am a mother and no one hurts my children without some sort of wrath against them! (So I like to think!)
As I kissed my kids goodbye and watched them walk into the school gate, my heart rate still higher than normal, I watched all the other parents and kids who were around the parking area and was reminded we are all God’s children – and so is my child’s teacher!
As I got back into my car, I switched over to the Praise CD again and asked God to forgive me. My teeth were still clenched, but hey, I am human, and as I drove on I started to sing. Within a few minutes I found myself praying for this teacher. Why? Only the Lord will know, but my heart was changed. It is not my fight. The Lord knows why my daughter was placed in her classroom, with those children. He has it under control.
I found my peace and reminded the enemy that he will not steal my joy, my child’s joy, the wrath shall not come from me and whatever comes of it – it will work out perfectly as it should. My job as her Mother is to keep praying.
As I drove into work my friend phoned to tell me her son’s wallet had been stolen with his salary and personal cards in it and to please pray that it is found. I prayed that the Lord would restore Him 10 fold and his wallet would be returned without any loss.
Two hours later she called to say his wallet had been returned. Everything was in-place!
Now if that isn’t a faithful God who is concerned over our littlest prayers, how much more will He do with our BIG requests! I am excited!

So I ask you today, where is your War Room? Where do you go to sit with the Lord? Have your requests been written up while you trust for break through in your life? In your family life. In your home. God is with you. He does hear our prayers, but sometimes we have to shift our prayers and pray the right way. Hand it over to Him and let Him take the battle on. You keep walking the positive walk and wait for the break through.
May your heart find peace. May your marriages be restored. May your children be blessed and see their parents rise up in righteousness. May your homes be free of drug / alcohol / emotional abuse as you draw closer to Him. May your lives be changed for the ultimate experience of a life time when you cast your burdens onto Him, ask for forgiveness, seek peace and let it go. As you pray, stop speaking negative. If it is a person who is hurting you and won’t change his/her ways – leave them. Keep praying for them. It is not for you to change them. You have enough change within yourself to do!

I trust 2017 will be a great year. It is time to take back what the enemy has taken from you. It is time to ask for new authority in your home – His name is Jesus. He sits on the throne and He is for you.
Enjoy your life and may this year be the start of something wonderfully awesome!

Love and God Bless,

2016 is drawing to a close… A new season is coming

Good morning!

Yes, I have been slack and have no reason (or excuse) for not writing. But the reality of it all is this time of year is just crazy amounts of silliness and crazy amounts of stupid … all happening at once!

So, if I don’t get to write again for the rest of this year, I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and festive season. If you are going on holiday, be safe and enjoy the break. If you are staying home – relax and enjoy it too.
And, if you are alone this year… try make some plans to enjoy it with someone you know, or do something different this year. As sad (and happy) as this festive season is, there are many people who will be alone.
If you are spending this season on your own, trust me, you will be in my heart and prayers that the new season that follows will be extraordinary for you!

May God be the centre of your life. May joy be kissed upon your face and allow you to shine each day.
And above all, may Love forever surround you. Remember your worth, don’t give in to blind fascinations and if you are going to drink – make pre-arrangements beforehand and get home safely.

And to end off, Thank you for being on my Blog. Thank you for being a part of my life and, for allowing me to be a part of yours.
We pray for a new season as this year draws to a close and we take our final bow, reflect on the past, be grateful for the lessons it has taught you, enjoy the triumphs you have had victory in, and if you have lost loved ones this year may strength abound you every day of your life.

May you and your family know love unconditionally and make memories and hear the sound of laughter through your homes.
Love the ones you are with.

All my love, until next time.
Cindy xxx

Unjust Situations that arise in our life…reverse them through Prayer!

I am sure we have all faced some sort of a life challenge. Sometimes they are brought to us to change us, renew us, protect us – but during the time we feel the challenge has come to break us. Am I right?
The other morning I was praying to the Lord. I just kept asking Him WHY am I still struggling with a battle in my life. A challenge that has been with me for over five years. I pray daily that it will eventually just be finalised. I keep in mind that God’s time is perfect and during these last five years of waiting it has also taught me a lot about myself, as a person.
Anyway, going back to my prayer. I was frustrated. And asked God Why couldn’t He have just settled me with an ordinary life. Why have I had to experience so much (and much that I never asked for – and honestly don’t believe I deserve it, but who am I? I am no better than the next person, and for that I have learnt to humble myself first).
As the tears came, my heart felt punctured. I felt like the full heart I have always had, had a hundred holes in it. It could hold no more love, it felt drained. I felt as though the woman I have become, had no more substance left to get through another day and in my mind I said to the Lord, “no more. Please no more”.

I finished with my prayer, got ready and left the house. I didn’t feel better. But, the day had to get on and I had to press on. The same evening as I was making dinner I made myself a cup of tea and I felt the Lord say to me, “I never gave you an ordinary life because I want you live an extraordinary life and it begins with ME. What you are going through is preparing you for your next season. Don’t give up, don’t give up on ME because I have called you for an extraordinary life!”
Within seconds I felt as though my heart had been repaired. It was pumping and I felt as though my body had been super naturally restored. God had handed me the jumper cables and I was ready for Him – for this life to continue and press on in His strength.
It was the weirdest, most amazing feeling I had experienced in a long while and it felt great! While I continued cooking dinner and drinking my tea, I was reminded that the Lord loves every one of us and He is interested in every little detail in our lives, no matter who we are, where we live and age does not matter!

This morning I was sent this Prayer message from a friend. It is from a Blog : FromHisPresence.com By Jamie Rohrbaugh
Perhaps you would like to look it up yourself and read more about his Blog. I am not familiar with his writing, but I was absolutely mind blown when I read his prayer on how to Reverse Unjust Situations in your life. I will share this prayer with you, and I trust it will help you if you are battling in any unfair and unjust situation in your own life, or perhaps you can share it with someone else who may be experiencing a similar situation.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You in Jesus’ name. Father, thank You for seeing everything that is going on in my life. Thank You for always taking care of me. I know You have a good plan for my life, and You have promised that all things will work together for my good because I love You and am called according to Your purpose.
Father, You see what’s going on in my life. You see ………., and You see that this is unjust. And Father, righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne. So Father, because You are righteous and just, I know that You are ready to move on my behalf. I believe that You are ready to reverse this situation for me according to Your Word.
So Father, I ask in Jesus’ name first that You, the God of all comfort, would comfort me during this season. I charge the angels of God to minister to me right now in Jesus’ name. I bind away every lie, plot, and trick of the enemy off of my life and I loose healing, wholeness, life, truth, and holy vindication into my life.
I speak to the hidden things the Father desires to reveal, and I command them to be revealed right now in Jesus’ name. I decree the light of the Holy Spirit must shine into this situation right now.
I decree divine reversal for the cause of righteousness, truth, and justice right now in Jesus’ name. I decree that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me in judgment I shall condemn. This is my heritage, for I am a servant of the Lord. My righteousness is of the Lord.
I decree that nothing shall in any way harm me or my family. I decree in the name of Jesus that the enemy may come against me one way, but he’ll flee before me seven ways. I decree that this giant must fall right now in Jesus’ name and that this situation works out for my good.
I call forth promotion for myself because of this fight. I decree that this situation will result in blessing AND INCREASE for me in Jesus’ Name.

I speak to the finished works the Father prepared before the foundation of the world for me to walk in, and I command them to manifest right now in Jesus’ name. I decree in Jesus’ name that, like the grain of wheat that falls to the ground and dies, but then rises again and bears much fruit, I also will bear much fruit because of this season of death and the subsequent resurrection that will come.
I plead the blood of Jesus over my relationships. I enforce, impart and release unity, forgiveness, healing, transparency, the Father’s Love, and mercy into all my relationships right now in Jesus’ name.
I pluck out every arrow the enemy has shot into me and my family right now in Jesus’ name, and I cast those arrows to the ground useless and of no effect. I plead the blood of Jesus over those wounds, and I release healing into them in Jesus’ name.
I bless the situation I am going through with fully performing God’s purpose for it in Jesus’ name, and with bringing forth the great victory that Jesus purchased on the cross for me. Let it be manifest and completely done now. I bless myself with supernatural empowerment that will enable me to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.
And now I speak to this situation and I say :
Forgiveness of God, come forth in Jesus’ name!
Will of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Vengeance of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Mercy of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
New beginnings from God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Love of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Kingdom of God, come forth in this situation in Jesus’ name!
Restoration of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Peace of God which passes all understanding, come forth in Jesus’ name!
Comfort of the Holy Spirit,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Divine reversal according to the Father’s plan,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Honor from God,come forth in Jesus’ name!

I am calling upon the Lord, and He will answer me. He is with me in this trouble. He will deliver me and honor me.
I speak to this situation and I say : Let the valleys be brought up. Let the mountains be brought low. Let the crooked places be made straight. Let the rough places be made smooth. Let the glory of the Lord be revealed, and let all flesh see it together.
Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering my prayer. I bless You for it, and I give You all the glory for everything You are going to do.

In Jesus’ name.

May your day be filled with encouragement today. Where there is trouble or tribulation, look for something positive in your day, and keep praying. Soon this too, shall pass. Find your strength during the challenge and never give up.

Love and God Bless,

Your child is not like every other child!

There is such a huge hype these days about kids who go to school, kids who are in home schooling, kids who are in a big class group or groups should be smaller, private schools, public schools, kids who drop out early to fulfil their dreams, or which college to attend, kids who make the top grade, kids who just get by, and the kids who desperately work hard and just don’t seem to “make the grade” they are so determined to reach. For the child it is an on-going battle, and for a parent it can be very exhausting always hoping you are doing the best for your child! What is right and what is wrong, and so the battle in the mind continues.
Having kids is a job all on it’s own, and if you are a parent you will agree with me!

Listening to my kids tell me what they want to be one day makes me proud that they have such determination and hope that they will achieve their goals. And in my heart, as every parent hopes for, I find myself praying silently to myself, “Lord, let their hearts be filled and their desires come true”.

A few months ago we were receiving on-going messages from my son’s school teacher. He just wasn’t participating in class, he would not listen or carry out instruction, making a noise in class, at times he was called the class clown, talking too much, not passing his tests and my husband and I thought, “Here we go…this is going to be a problem, if not a costly problem, there is something going on and we were not going to start the blame game and thinking our child was right and all the other kids in the class or the teacher actually had the problem! I know as a parent we always hope “it’s not my child, it just can’t be our child – but in this instance, it really was our child!” (I was not prepared!)

We had numerous talks with him almost every night – but there was never a straight cut answer and his reasoning was difficult to understand, and some of the answers that he did provide us (with a straight face) was, “I look at the grass outside. I think of going into space or being on a nice holiday. The teacher can get boring repeating herself” … and it felt as though we were moving in circles. We sat with him at night and helped with homework, we did the bribe game, we blamed him for his ridiculous attitude, we started picking which friends we thought were appropriate, we did the star sheet and if he was good he could earn extra money – money didn’t even help him focus! We loaded him with more chores – thinking more discipline is what he actually needed, we tested his hearing (which is still pretty much selective at the best of times), we cut out certain foods in his diet – believing that lettuce and greens would somehow magically make a difference (however eliminating sugar did help!), we sent our daughter off as a spy to check up on him during the day just encase there was a bullying problem, or something the teacher (or us as his parents) were not seeing, we tried the punishment scenario – no TV, no playing outside, no treats on weekends, no friends to visit – and so the list went on and on. We kept in close contact with the teacher (who was a real angel). I phoned in for extra lessons after school – I kind of went on a mini rampage. I was determined to find out what the problem was and why he was starting this “no interest, no passing, no care in the world state of mind” which was a huge concern for us.
All the while, my concern was, “my child is not the same as everyone else. WHY must we deal with this problem? He was not acting the same, in fact, he wasn’t acting like “all the other kids were supposed to behave in class”, and instead of seeing it as something perhaps completely normal for a 10 year old child, I saw it as a problem and tackled it head on like a was moving into a solo war.

But, as the weeks went on, he was the same child. There was no change. He quickly got into the routine of bringing us his homework to check without us even asking him, he would sit with me while I cooked and do his reading, the TV stayed off, the kids in the complex knew he would come out and play only if he had finished his homework and the afternoons became just that, him and me, chatting and going through the day’s events.
To be honest, I started to like it. We were forming our bond, a bond that I had never quite connected with before. I always saw him as my little baby. He couldn’t get older, even though he was going to school, to me, he was still my baby.
The term was finished, and holidays came and went, he managed to do whatever home work they were given to do during the holidays, another term went by, and all the fuss we made in the beginning of the year kind of fell by the way side. There was no more hype over it. There was no more stress and in fact, we stopped asking. The teacher and I had agreed that if, and only if, there were anymore outbursts and grave concern would she contact us again.
The teacher never messaged us. There were no notes to be seen on Parents evening and my husband and I started questioning what exactly was going on. Did they no longer care about our son? Was he just at a point of no return and he was failing, not just the term, but the year?
Everything was the same about him, and the only difference was, him and I started to communicate more – on a different level, there had been a mind shift, instead of thinking he had a problem, he was starting to feel encouraged and taking his “problematic situation” and creating a solution. He knew his past behaviour in class was not acceptable, and slowly I believe he started to change that on his own, once we stopped labelling him as having a problem.
As the end of the school year is near, my husband and I started to become anxious. Last week we received a message to notify parents that school reports were being handed out at the end of the week. My husband calmly prepared me for the worst and in my mind, I could not accept that he was the same little boy who had been giving his teacher such nonsense as he was in the beginning of the year.
The end of the week was upon us and the kids walked in and handed us their report cards. I handed them both to my husband and sat with my hands under my chin, elbows on the table – hoping for the best. My daughter sat amused, knowing she had done very well, so we breezed through her report not wanting to show too much excitement as my son sat next to me waiting patiently for his news. And then, his report card came out – my husband could not have opened the envelope any slower…
Personally I don’t think I blinked, for a while. I could see my husband’s eyes move across the card and honestly when I looked at his chest he didn’t look like he was even breathing. There was silence, even our fur baby went and lay down, in another room.
My husband looked at me, by this stage I had moved into a trance state of mind – I could feel nothing, while he said to me, “I am shocked! He has gone from below average to a high flying pass rate in every subject!” In a quick movement I took the card to check we had the correct child’s name on the report card and my son just looked at us and smiled, while he said out loud, “I no longer am in the last 3 in class, I am now in the middle”!
I don’t think I ever really doubted my son’s abilities, but it was close at one point in his life!
It was a good start to our weekend!

To the parents who have kids in school. I do not deny the fact that there are many reasons why kids do what they do – and there may be learning disabilities, and why parents do what we do, but I thought I would share this with you, as being a parent is by no means easy. No child is the same. And we shouldn’t expect them to be. School may be a small part of their life, and yes, it is a very important part of their life, but be encouraged, we should not put our kid in a box. Each child is unique, they all learn differently and have different skills. As study time is nearing for the end of the year, take the time to talk to your child. Learn from them too, and allow there to be a balance – bring in the fun along with the studies. It is easy to pull the blame game and rant and rave – most of us do that so well, but learning from our own personal experience, what we failed to do was communicate from the beginning.
If your child goes to school, or is home schooled, in college, is an A student of a failing student – it shouldn’t create a mark on who they are as a person, or who they will be in their future. It starts with you – in the home, communication and acceptance is a huge positive in a child’s mind and in their overall behaviour as a person, as an individual.
May you be encouraged. Spend these next few weeks with your child, the beginning of the new year and years to come – quality time is the best time for growth. Read with them, let them read to you, talk with them, show some interest, you never know, there may be vast improvement – not only from your child, but also from their educators, their circle of friends and even you as their parent!

Your child is unique. After all, they are yours! Be encouraged!

Love and God Bless,

In the quiet times, draw your strength

I think the hardest season in life is when we feel we are stagnant. Where nothing is happening, nothing is changing, the routine is so mundane, work is the same, the people around you are the same… well you get my point, there is no change! And it seems like this is it! This is your life, forever!
Lately I have been feeling like this. I scroll through my social media and all I see is people having the time of their lives and it feels like I am sitting on a stump, watching from the back ground, and I feel like sulking!
The other day, I saw this post come up and it literally spoke into my core. I realised that no matter what happens in life, we are never forgotten. No matter what happens in your life, the plan that is planned ultimately for you will come to pass, no matter how fast or slow the pace may be, it will happen.

So, I have been thinking, instead of sitting in the back ground scrolling through my social media feeds with an angry (or annoyed) heart, it is time I take those feelings and change it to something good, more positive. The new will come, the goals will be achieved, and through it all, all I have to do is keep trusting in the Lord, continue doing my best at work, set up new goals that I would like to work towards and focus on my family – in turn everything else will fall into place, provided my attitude changes and I see the positive in my daily routine, which can at times, be rather dull, but for what it is worth, as God reminded me this morning while I was driving to work, “today is exactly what I need. Today I have exactly who I need in my life” and as I continued praying I realised how right He is.
Today is a good day and no matter what happens, no matter who comes against me in a negative way, it is OK, because the Lord of all is with me and He guides my every step.

Today if you are feeling flat, if you are feeling like tomorrow has no hope, take this time and draw your strength for what is to come, do not lose focus on your dreams, your studies, your children, the promotion – God has it all taken care of. You just keep doing what you doing, be patient, try keep your cool and not lose your rag over the smallest things (which is not always easy to control… especially if you are a Mom!), but above all, keep yourself together… Breakthrough is near, get your strength together and put on your happy smile and kick that false attitude to the curb… your change is near!


Have an awesome day.
Love and God Bless,

It’s A Day to be Grateful

The other morning I was relaxing with my cup of coffee and just having some quiet time to myself. Yes… there are days, being a mother and wife, I get to sneak in some time for myself… I have mastered this over the years! It does not happen often, but I do get to enjoy my “Me time” once in a while.
(I promise YOU can too!)

Anyway… I was thinking of my past and events that have happened – life in general. I started thinking about my children and where I live today, old and new friends that have become a part of my life over the years, the people I love most, and then I started to think of my husband – my beautiful soul whom I adore and who keeps me busy more than my kids do, at times!
Throughout my thoughts I found myself having this sense of fulfilment wash over me. It was a strange feeling, but nonetheless, I felt safe. I was at peace.
On some days, and I am sure we have all experienced this at some point, I feel like I am running an uphill marathon and I can not see the finish line, or feel close enough to having a rest, and other days I bounce from moment to moment hoping that something good will come my way, or I will hear some positive news instead of all the negativity that can overwhelm us, and other days I get so tired of the ‘mundane routine of life’ I recluse to zombie like mode and wait for the feeling to subside (I am grateful this state does not last long!!!).
But, on this day I was not running a marathon, I was not cleaning the house or making any of my family members food or rushing out the house to get somewhere on time, in that moment I was sitting alone on my couch enjoying my cup of coffee and my thoughts and a sad reality came to my mind… “When last did I say Thank you”?
I couldn’t remember!
It is an absolute must to be grateful, and most times we are, other times we find it easier to complain (and that most of us do oh so well!), but it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually expressed myself to my loved ones in quite a while!
My “Me time” didn’t last much longer after that thought, as my kids rushed inside all hot and sweaty looking for juice and breaking my moment of silence.
My “ME time” was over, in seconds! And so were my thoughts of making the perfect opportunity to tell my loved ones how grateful I am for them!

The rest of the day continued, as normal, and the days followed. I never thought about it again, but ultimately it was on the tip of my tongue to say “Thank you”, especially to the one I love most.
A few days later my hubby and I were chatting about some decisions we were finalising and throughout our discussions and trying to make sense of our decision, I had my points (actually many!) and he had his, but one of the topics which came up is that I never seem grateful, or say it!
I couldn’t argue the fact, because it was a few days prior I had the same thought in my head.

In my defense, it isn’t that I am not grateful, because I truly am, but it isn’t something we remember to do every day, or every time we think to do it we rush out and verbalise it. Most of us are grateful for life, or happy with the lives we live, but how often do we verbally say it out loud, at the right times to the right people?
Probably not that often.
As the days have moved along, being grateful and actually verbalising it has been one of my new priorities, and do you know the truth? I feel so much better for actually saying it out loud! It has kind of given me this new release for positive thinking, a positive mood, a new setting for my day and I have noticed my family has been more open to being “grateful” and happy than they were before.
It sounds like such a ‘silly thing’ but in fact, it has changed quite a lot in our every day existence in our lives, and my husband seems to be more fully charged than before!

It is said that a habit is formed in three days, so I guess I have formed a great new habit!
Perhaps being grateful is something you have no problem doing, some people just ooze gratuity, but others, such as myself, find it a little harder to work at, or express.
If you are someone, like me, who is grateful for life, but doesn’t always express yourself, try it! I promise you it will make a world of difference in your every day life, to the others around you and in your family – your children will see you doing it and notice the difference, and they too will pick up on and enjoy the positive energy you send out.

Being grateful is also not always easy, especially if you are not quite happy with where you are in your life at present, or circumstances are preventing you from truly being grateful, but through each day, through each difficulty there is always something to be grateful for. Think about it! Only you can make a difference in your daily life.

Let the start of your day be the start of being grateful for something, even if it’s the littlest thing… and when you have discovered it, tell someone! Let it be known, it will increase the chances of your day being greater and recharge someone else’s day too.

Live it, live a little more and don’t be shy to admit it!
Have an awesome day!

Love and God Bless,

It’s ok to teach your better half how to love You!

It’s OK to teach your better half how to love YOU? That sounds weird! But in fact, it is true.

A few years ago I remember a friend (who was married – I was single) telling me, that for a good and solid relationship it is important to teach your other half “how to love you”. I found this quite strange, because in the “ideal world”, where fantasy lives forever, you hear of that love at first sight, happily ever after, love is bliss and so it goes on…. But in reality and in the real world… as I have grown older, and am married, I have learnt to believe that what she told me all those years ago was in fact true.
I will tell you why I believe this to be true!
Each individual is different. Our needs are different, our morals, upbringing, family relationships, religion, culture, whatever it is, we are all unique and each of us require different needs and attention at different times of our lives.

We have been created to be loved, and to love in return. We may not always like our spouse on certain days of the year, but we have been told to LOVE, unconditionally. Now, for me personally, I love to communicate and get things out of the way. That is how we were brought up in our home by my parents when we were children. If there is something troubling you, talk about it. Fix it. Sort it out. Move on and don’t bring it up again.
I try to do this in my life and marriage today, even with my kids when we don’t see eye to eye on certain things, this is how I have tried to teach them.
However, my husband is different, and he will take a little bit longer to get over something.
Is he wrong and I am right?
No. We are different beings.

I love to be close and cuddle, I am affectionate by nature.
He doesn’t like to cuddle, all of the time!
Does this make him love me any less and me love him more?

What I am getting at, is that over time, we learn to love our partner as they have taught us to love them. We learn to nurture our relationship and see what works for both parties to create a good home life, a happy relationship and an extraordinary friendship between two people. After all, you are two complete strangers, who liked one another, which turned into love and then you both came together as one and chose to make a life together – which should be forever.
Personally, I believe, do what you can to make it work!

As I am learning more each day about life, because it does not come with a manual, and some things are learnt the hard way (unfortunately), I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to teach your spouse what your likes and dislikes are, and with that comes a deeper level of love, communication and trust for one another – and let’s face it, there is nothing greater than being in a caring and honest relationship.
We all have our limits, we all have boundaries. What works for one may not always work for the other, but if there is mutual respect and a genuine love for another human being, the best part of your relationship is learning what makes the other one tick. I do not mean like a time bomb ready to go off.. I mean, what makes that person you love so much keep their love for you ticking? What is his / her heartbeat that keeps him / her loving you back each day for the rest of your life? Or perhaps, what is it that has created a distance between you and your spouse over time?
These are the things we should constantly be working on and not always striving to ‘just expect’ the best from your spouse and if he / she doesn’t get it right, well let’s just say, “hell breaks lose in every direction!”

If you are single. Then take this time to prepare yourself. The other day a friend was telling me how bored she is of being alone.
WHY? How can you be bored? The best relationship is that relationship you have with yourself. And I know this sounds cliché, but honestly, when the time is right that person will come to you. Trust me. Do not rush into anything. Marriage is most certainly not always a bed of roses, or is it a fairy tale, but is it worth it? Oh absolutely!
Be at peace, and be calm that you are single. Sometimes we need a little more time focusing on ourselves before we are ready to focus on someone else. The desire in your heart will come to pass, when it is the right time, and in the mean time do not lose focus on who you are.

If you are in a relationship and you get frustrated easily with your partner and some days you wonder, “what the heck am I doing this all for”? Perhaps it is time to see how he / she ticks. Perhaps it is time to allow your partner to teach you how to love him / her the correct way. And take note! (Not written notes!! But I guess if it helps, then do it secretly as a reminder!!!) Pay extra attention to what he / she likes and what makes them happy, or irritates them (when you see the eye roll… start moving away and change direction to what is happening… try not enter that zone again, or anytime too soon!) Pay attention to the little things and you will see in a short time how things will flourish and grow between you two.
It is the same with a plant, as it is watered it grows into a beautiful flower. Stop hassling about the little things. This life is too short to squibble about things that are out of your control (and I am lecturing myself too on this one!)
When you see your partner today, look them in the eye and say one nice thing to them. If you can not do it and it’s not ‘your style’ then do something kind instead, but what ever it is, begin to nurture your spouse and teach him / her how to love you, and as the spouse, start learning how to love your partner the correct way, the way in which he / she needs to be loved. It may take some time to sync, but in time your relationship will be a thriving one where two people genuinely like one another and enjoy each other’s company, it is healthy and far easier (and nicer) than arguing, talking ugly, living with bad thoughts and being frustrated!

So let’s get to it. Happy “learning to love your spouse” season… plant that seed and begin to watch that flower grow into something beautiful.
Today is a new season for everyone around the world, with a new season comes new life – new found joy.
Enjoy your life, and enjoy life WITH your partner.

Love and God Bless,

It’s a new day

I hope this day finds you well.
Life has been a roller coaster of late. I can’t even remember the last time I logged on to write!
Wouldn’t you agree with me that each day something is happening to remind us of something negative, either there are countries experiencing floods, or there are water restrictions, the country is on edge with a new government election, people are being tortured and hurt, or babies are born with defects, divorce is on the rise, children are not getting the correct education, drugs are a constant threat in society, crime is increasing … it just doesn’t seem to end! No matter which social feeds we are linked to, there is something happening, often worse situations than good.

But, as I am not a lover of the negative I would like to remind you of this…Something more positive for your own life…
NO matter what is happening around you…
“Sometimes you fall off the wagon for months. Sometimes you tell yourself you are going to start fresh on Monday and by Wednesday you have already fallen back off. Sometimes you have to restart a 100 times and it’s frustrating. BUT, it will all be okay.
You can do this.
One day at a time is all you need”.


No matter what you are facing – it doesn’t matter if it’s your own fault that you can’t turn things around for the positive or it’s your surroundings that are causing you frustration, whatever the reason, you have today to begin again.
Do not hold onto the past, and stop blaming others. IF you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one.
But in the process, be kind to yourself, and remember, if God has brought you to it, He will guide you through it.

May your day be extra fruitful and be happy. There is always something to be grateful for.

Love and God bless,