Are you in the right War Room?

Let me begin by wishing you all a wonderful 2017. Wow!!! What a time it has been – enjoyed 3 weeks leave with my family and had a wonderful holiday. Needless to say after our holiday I needed another holiday just to get over it!
I most certainly believe 2017 has some exciting events up its sleeves and I am all ready for it!
My sincere prayers to each of you on is that this year will be a massive turn around of events in your lives. That whatever your heart is hoping for, you will see the fruits come to pass, for you and your family.
If your year did not start off too well, there is hope! It is only the beginning and we have many months to jam pack some good times in it and keep those smiles on our faces and the positive thoughts in our hearts and mind. Make great memories and take those photos to prove it!
And as we get up each morning, let us remember to start the day with Thanks, a huge breath and keep focused. I do not believe in New Year Resolutions because usually by this time in the year they have already been forgotten!
I think I am right in saying this!!!

I am not sure if any of you have watched the “War Room”. Well, if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you hire the DVD and watch it.
Did that movie open my eyes to many frustrations I have been experiencing for a while?
Wow Wow Wow is all I can say. In the beginning when it started I kind of drifted and thought, “what is this about?” and then it was as though I was in the movie itself. Everything became so real and my tears silently started to fall.
I will not tell the story… especially for those who would like to go and see it, but I will say this…

When you get angry, feel like the world is against you, enjoying that pity party all on your lonesome, fighting with your spouse, your kids, your boss or colleagues, everything seems to be going wrong and you just aren’t catching your breath – I want to ask you, “who do you fight with? Who are you constantly at war with”?
Do you take your anger out on your husband? Is he the “main cause” of your unhappiness? Are you fighting with your children? Do they see how unhappy you are? Are they even happy living at home?
Yip, I am coming on strongly. And yes, it’s Friday and I am making you think deep after a long week, but you have the next 2 days to think about these things and start making some positive changes. Perhaps you have some time to hire the movie – even if you have watched it before, perhaps it is time to get a kick in the butt again and watch it for the second time!
Yes I am talking to you!

You see, if you are constantly fighting against people (and I do understand certain circumstances cause different reactions – I am not numb to these situations), but in general life who are you always fighting against? What is your biggest problem you face? Do you spend your day wrecking havoc around your loved ones because you are constantly fighting a battle on your own, or your mind is in turmoil having a crazy time in your head while you all alone in the day making up stuff? If this is you, I am sad to say you are fighting the wrong way and with the wrong people – it is getting you no where, but landing you in a field of heart ache and self defeat and you will never solve the problem!
Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you and your partner fight over the same thing and feel like you are not “being heard” anymore or your feelings don’t matter? Do you still communicate, and love one another? Are you kids just not relating to anything you do or say to them? Has drugs / alcohol / emotional abuse made it’s ugly way into your home and you have lost control? Is everything you say, feel or do just feel negative and inadequate, like everything you do is getting you no where?
Today I would like for you to take a breath. A big breath if you need to, sit down and if you have to just cry. Let it out. Let it go.
It is okay.
I promise you. You will be stronger once you do what I am about to tell you, and you will live in more freedom than you do now – and so will your loved ones that surround you each day.

If you are feeling like you are in your own war zone you may just in fact be fighting in the wrong War room. You (I) need to get back to basics. We need to get down to the root of the problem. You (Me) – we can change the root of the problem by one (simple) step.
Change begins in us.
It starts when we find our peace, a place we can sit quietly on our own in the day and speak to the Lord. Write down everything that is bothering you. Whatever it is, write it down.
List it, if you need to. Take time to write it all down, the Lord has time – and with all your worrying it seems you have the time too.
Get hold of a Bible, or if you have a Smart phone read from the internet and read up on scripture. The Bible is loaded with verses where the Lord fights for you. He is your comforter, and if He is for you no one can be against you – anything and everything is possible with the Lord.
Place your list somewhere private, that only you can see (whatever you do in secret for the Lord, you will be rewarded) and pray each day that the Lord will go before you and clean up your mess and whatever challenges you are no longer coping with.

Let it GO…
Did you read that line and believe it? I said, “LET IT GO!” The Lord knows your heart and He waits for His children to ask for His help – and let Him handle it. The war is His, the enemy has already been defeated by Him. His victory lies in YOU.
Instead of fighting the war against the people you love and (perhaps) even yourself, once you hand it over, you will find your peace within the situation. Concentrate on yourself – nothing and no one else. Take time out for yourself and as you do so, you will notice the “big worries” that you had high up on a pedestal and stole your joy aren’t fully important anymore – your mind has been shifted into a place of quiet, and you have the strength and focus to improve life around you and not keep being stuck in the problem holding you in one place. Your focus has been moved to the King and His peace undertakes your life – trust me, when you at this point, it’s a good thing!

The enemy only comes to steal, lie, kill and destroy… I mean he ONLY comes to steal, lie, kill and destroy every GOOD thing God has put on this planet, that includes you and me too.
Whatever makes you happy, the enemy will come to steal that joy from you. And 9/10 times he gets the victory in our lives because we fight against the people who mean the most to us, we give up hope, we shoot out hateful words, we have affairs because it seems easier and the love in our relationships are hidden or lost, we cast our children out, we turn to drugs/alcohol or the wrong crowd of people, and we lower our price tag on how worthy we truly are as individuals. We forget we have favor with the Lord all because we allow the lies to creep in and we learn to believe it.
Instead of fighting against ourselves and the people close to us, why not get angry with the enemy? He deserves the havoc wrecked upon him! And I say this with brutal force and a mind equipped for and with Christ.
It is TIME to start letting God IN to do our fighting as He has already won the war when He died on the cross and we need to start reminding the enemy exactly where he stands – out of our house, out of authority of our heart and minds, out of our children’s lives, out of our marriage! He needs to be reminded his lies are no longer welcome, but will rather be received in the pit of hell where they belong. NO more!
The War should not be within us, but left for the Lord to do the fighting on our behalf.

As time goes by, you will see the fruits of your prayers. But it may not happen straight away, but you will see the change as it will start with you. Get rid of any negative thoughts or talk, gossip and if your friends / family are not of the positive type – then get back to your own war room, on your own and speak to the Lord ONLY. It is a daily prayer, we never give up on the good things that God has in store for us and we never lose hope in our loved ones, their future, your future and a good family. We never stop praying for our life and all the people who make up our world. We say sorry. We ask for forgiveness. We learn to be kinder to our own soul. We learn to see our truth and our focus is on the Lord and NOT us (me) and the situation we find ourselves in!

In saying this, as I have been giving my daily challenges to the Lord each day (especially more since watching this movie) and listening to my new Praise Worship CD my son gave to me for Christmas in my car, I have felt a lighter change within me.
When I wake up I start my day differently. As my feet hit the floor I am reminded who I am in Christ and today is a new day to pray and believe that all will be well and God is in control, even at times when I feel lost and alone.
It is not always easy, but I believe in God’s promise to each of us, I believe in good and bad – and often I feed the bad, more than I feed the good.
But, the test came this morning!
On our way to work my daughter was very upset as to how her teacher has been treating her of late and I found my “old ways in anger” creeping into my heart. I felt anger stir – it was tense. Instead of listening to my Praise CD I switched over to the radio. I was irritated and just got more angry listening to her and hearing how upset she was. I tried to speak positively to her and be careful of my words while doing so, (it was not easy), and I encouraged her to pray for her teacher instead of being upset and enjoy the day as she has a whole year with her in the same class room.
In the back of my mind I did not feel like praying for this woman, I was planning out my brutal attack as to what I was going to say to her at the Parents evening next week. I felt like the War Room had waged war within me and I was on fire … but all for the wrong reasons.
It was not easy. My focus had been shifted to a blurry vision.
I am a mother and no one hurts my children without some sort of wrath against them! (So I like to think!)
As I kissed my kids goodbye and watched them walk into the school gate, my heart rate still higher than normal, I watched all the other parents and kids who were around the parking area and was reminded we are all God’s children – and so is my child’s teacher!
As I got back into my car, I switched over to the Praise CD again and asked God to forgive me. My teeth were still clenched, but hey, I am human, and as I drove on I started to sing. Within a few minutes I found myself praying for this teacher. Why? Only the Lord will know, but my heart was changed. It is not my fight. The Lord knows why my daughter was placed in her classroom, with those children. He has it under control.
I found my peace and reminded the enemy that he will not steal my joy, my child’s joy, the wrath shall not come from me and whatever comes of it – it will work out perfectly as it should. My job as her Mother is to keep praying.
As I drove into work my friend phoned to tell me her son’s wallet had been stolen with his salary and personal cards in it and to please pray that it is found. I prayed that the Lord would restore Him 10 fold and his wallet would be returned without any loss.
Two hours later she called to say his wallet had been returned. Everything was in-place!
Now if that isn’t a faithful God who is concerned over our littlest prayers, how much more will He do with our BIG requests! I am excited!

So I ask you today, where is your War Room? Where do you go to sit with the Lord? Have your requests been written up while you trust for break through in your life? In your family life. In your home. God is with you. He does hear our prayers, but sometimes we have to shift our prayers and pray the right way. Hand it over to Him and let Him take the battle on. You keep walking the positive walk and wait for the break through.
May your heart find peace. May your marriages be restored. May your children be blessed and see their parents rise up in righteousness. May your homes be free of drug / alcohol / emotional abuse as you draw closer to Him. May your lives be changed for the ultimate experience of a life time when you cast your burdens onto Him, ask for forgiveness, seek peace and let it go. As you pray, stop speaking negative. If it is a person who is hurting you and won’t change his/her ways – leave them. Keep praying for them. It is not for you to change them. You have enough change within yourself to do!

I trust 2017 will be a great year. It is time to take back what the enemy has taken from you. It is time to ask for new authority in your home – His name is Jesus. He sits on the throne and He is for you.
Enjoy your life and may this year be the start of something wonderfully awesome!

Love and God Bless,

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