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Introducing Cindy!

Hello Ladies and Gents – Girls and Boys! I thought it was about time I introduced myself to you. Almost every day I pop up out of ‘no where’, express myself and personal view points, mark my name at the end of a post, and return the next day to do it all over again! But none of you know who I am! So, this post today is a little about me – in a nutshell!

I started Blogging in May 2014. Writing has always been something I have enjoyed. I receive many questions by comments or emails asking if I am famous, have I written a book, have I been blogging for a long time, or where do I get my ideas or info from? Most of those answers are “no – I am not famous; been in the ‘Blogging Industry’ for a short while; I write alone, but my team consists of myself, my husband Greg and our two children; and my writing is of personal experiences or topics I find interesting. Yes, I have written a book, but in due time it will be published”.
For now, Blogging keeps me quite busy and takes up most of my spare time (to say the least!) but it is something I love – to be able to share my heart, my thoughts, my opinion, past achievements and failures, and to try help others who may be struggling with something I have found victory in, or, still walking through certain challenges in my own life, and just day to day discussions which peak my interest. And let’s face it… if you have kids… wow! There can be multitudes of different interest! Being a parent is not for the faint hearted!
Honestly, I never thought Blogging could be so much fun! I wanted to remain “invisible /anonymous”, but as time has taken its course and I have read other sites, learnt more about the “Blog world”, I feel it is only with respect that you know who writes the daily posts! was created in my mind a very long time ago. In my loneliest moments I would write down my feelings – in fact I wrote about anything that helped me get through the day. Each one of us has a Life Story to tell, no matter what it is, life is a journey – we should relish in the good and the bad days and learn to enjoy each day we have been blessed with – and with whom we share our life with. I try express my writing words as if I was in conversation with you face to face! I really hope that through my writing you will identify with yourself some situations you are dealt with in your own life. As I have mentioned before, I have quite a dramatic personality (but dislike fuss and negativity around me). I love to laugh! Out loud! If I could find things to laugh and smile about for 15 hours of the day, sleep the other 8 and do house cleaning for the remainder 1 hour of the day life would be sweet! For me it would be a perfect world if each of us learnt to laugh more, instead of finding something to complain about. Humour – the best medicine in the world, to bring relief for any tension! I love good humour and sharing my days with good and honest company!

I had a settled growing up life with my family where I was born and raised in sunny South Africa. My parents are both active in our family’s day to day life (and still married after 40 years!), my sister is married to a wonderful man and they share 3 beautiful children – who just melt my heart. My brother lives close by to us and I am positive that anything he comes into contact with in business turns to gold – or sold! He is amazing in character, and I personally believe he is the perfect bachelor … So ladies beware! 🙂
I was married for 8 years and sadly lost my husband to Motor Neuron Disease. It was a very long road to endure while he was ill and having 2 small children was not always easy, but after the loss, tears and sadness – I am an optimist. My personal belief is that everything we go through in life brings us to the next chapter in our life. As much as I loved my husband, we have 2 beautiful children (they were young when he died) but … Life does carry on! I am still alive and need to live my own life, as no one will live it for me – as hard as it was living a life as a widow and single parent, I made new choices – good choices – and today my children and I have been blessed with a wonderful man who loves us unconditionally, who treats us as his own, my kids adore him too much and we are happy! Life is too short to spend it alone!
This is my story, my life, my opinion, and for each of us we have a road to travel. Nobody can tell a person how to live or what to do, the main thing is to live life to its fullest. Make each day count and don’t live with a single regret. The only regret one should have, if there ever should be a regret after a decision or action is made, is that we should have done it again to enjoy it a second time around!

Religion is something many of us base most of our views, daily actions or beliefs on – which is to be respected. I will never discuss politics! Why? Simply because I believe there are happier discussions to enjoy! My heart belongs to Jesus and I live in His freedom. LIFE which has been given to me (and you!) in abundance! I gave my life to Him many years ago and have never looked back. Through my achievements, set backs, heart ache, troubled times and day to day challenges the first verse I ever learnt from the Bible was, “The Joy of the Lord is my strength!” Simple to remember, and a great reminder to carry along with you through life! (Perhaps this is why I believe in natural medicine = Laughter! It is great for a healthy and long life!)
I would like to Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. May we continue to grow each day, and learn to live the life we have been destined to live. No matter what lies before us, we have a reason to live and we are worthy of this life.
Thank you for being a part of my journey. If there are any comments or discussions you would like us to chat about, perhaps send me an email. I always love to hear from my Readers.

May God Bless you and your family each and every day.
And… This is Me! 🙂


Love and God Bless,

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