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A Day After Tomorrow

Hello to You!

You will see I have attached the front cover of my book that has just been published.
If you are interested to purchasing a copy, herewith the links you will be able to get access to it – either in Paperback or Kindle / Amazon.

(Please note that it takes about 5 to 7 working days for Amazon to finalize your book info.)


May you be encouraged and enjoy the rest of your week.
If you are on holidays for Easter, enjoy the break and remember the reason why we enjoy all those Chocolate Eggs and good food.

Sending much Love…

Love, Love me too!

So the trend for this day is “Love is in the air!” Right? Well, not always!

Growing up I never received a Valentines Card! When I think about it now I wonder how on earth that happened!!! But it is the truth, I never got anything – until I was in my late twenties. (Yes, I battle to believe it too!!!) My dad would walk with me to our post box each year (probably secretly praying that this year it would be different), and usually there was a letter for my sister, but never for me. I pretended to not let it worry me, but deep down, Yes! You guessed it, I was heart broken, but would still manage to walk inside with a smile, while my Dad would go put the kettle on and say, “hope you making!”.
As the years went on and I got older, Valentine’s Day was celebrated with friends. It seemed different, and as I reached adulthood I became my own Valentine, to myself.
Eventually the year arrived and there was a card for me! With the spoils and surprises, and of course I was over excited (I think my dad was more thrilled than anyone else!), but the truth was, I had learnt to enjoy Valentines Day as it should be – with myself, the people who love me most and that is really what it is all about!
If you are blessed with a super Valentine – enjoy him or her, but if not, don’t get all glum about it, in truth the first love should begin with you.

As the years have gone on, I was blessed to share many Valentines Days with my sweetheart, and then for some years I had no one. Life went back to my first love – it was “Me”. And again I have a Valentine and it is great, but in truth, it should begin with You, first – never forget that You come first.

If you dread this day or pray for it to just be over, or free yourself from the social media so you don’t have to see who is being spoilt with what and from whom, that is okay, but if there is something I can add to this day for you, it will be this… “Today, you are alive. Allow no one to steal your joy. You are you and there is no one better than You!” And today doesn’t have to be the only day to celebrate Love, if today for you has passed, tomorrow is another day and so is the next!

My son came to me this morning looking quite sad. I asked him what was wrong and why he was walking around the lounge so much, it was as though he had forgotten to do something, and he came up to me and whispered, “Mom, I should have made a card for her. But in a way I am glad I didn’t encase she doesn’t like me”!
Honestly, it didn’t excite me too much knowing my son is already thinking about making cards for a girl (well, at least he didn’t ask me for money!!!) but after watching him pace around I said to him quietly, “It doesn’t matter Boy. Today is not the only day you have to make anyone feel good about themselves. Tomorrow is another day.”

If you are blessed to be spoilt rotten with all the treats and gifts… enjoy them. You have clearly earned the right to be spoilt by a great love, but if you have not been lavished by another love, then treat yourself and go crazy. It is okay!

And from me to you, my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day. Be blessed knowing that you are good enough and if you are still waiting for your partner, be at peace, God is always on time! He knows what and who is best for you, so in the mean time enjoy you and surround yourself with people who love you for you too!

Love and God Bless,

2016 is drawing to a close… A new season is coming

Good morning!

Yes, I have been slack and have no reason (or excuse) for not writing. But the reality of it all is this time of year is just crazy amounts of silliness and crazy amounts of stupid … all happening at once!

So, if I don’t get to write again for the rest of this year, I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and festive season. If you are going on holiday, be safe and enjoy the break. If you are staying home – relax and enjoy it too.
And, if you are alone this year… try make some plans to enjoy it with someone you know, or do something different this year. As sad (and happy) as this festive season is, there are many people who will be alone.
If you are spending this season on your own, trust me, you will be in my heart and prayers that the new season that follows will be extraordinary for you!

May God be the centre of your life. May joy be kissed upon your face and allow you to shine each day.
And above all, may Love forever surround you. Remember your worth, don’t give in to blind fascinations and if you are going to drink – make pre-arrangements beforehand and get home safely.

And to end off, Thank you for being on my Blog. Thank you for being a part of my life and, for allowing me to be a part of yours.
We pray for a new season as this year draws to a close and we take our final bow, reflect on the past, be grateful for the lessons it has taught you, enjoy the triumphs you have had victory in, and if you have lost loved ones this year may strength abound you every day of your life.

May you and your family know love unconditionally and make memories and hear the sound of laughter through your homes.
Love the ones you are with.

All my love, until next time.
Cindy xxx

In the quiet times, draw your strength

I think the hardest season in life is when we feel we are stagnant. Where nothing is happening, nothing is changing, the routine is so mundane, work is the same, the people around you are the same… well you get my point, there is no change! And it seems like this is it! This is your life, forever!
Lately I have been feeling like this. I scroll through my social media and all I see is people having the time of their lives and it feels like I am sitting on a stump, watching from the back ground, and I feel like sulking!
The other day, I saw this post come up and it literally spoke into my core. I realised that no matter what happens in life, we are never forgotten. No matter what happens in your life, the plan that is planned ultimately for you will come to pass, no matter how fast or slow the pace may be, it will happen.

So, I have been thinking, instead of sitting in the back ground scrolling through my social media feeds with an angry (or annoyed) heart, it is time I take those feelings and change it to something good, more positive. The new will come, the goals will be achieved, and through it all, all I have to do is keep trusting in the Lord, continue doing my best at work, set up new goals that I would like to work towards and focus on my family – in turn everything else will fall into place, provided my attitude changes and I see the positive in my daily routine, which can at times, be rather dull, but for what it is worth, as God reminded me this morning while I was driving to work, “today is exactly what I need. Today I have exactly who I need in my life” and as I continued praying I realised how right He is.
Today is a good day and no matter what happens, no matter who comes against me in a negative way, it is OK, because the Lord of all is with me and He guides my every step.

Today if you are feeling flat, if you are feeling like tomorrow has no hope, take this time and draw your strength for what is to come, do not lose focus on your dreams, your studies, your children, the promotion – God has it all taken care of. You just keep doing what you doing, be patient, try keep your cool and not lose your rag over the smallest things (which is not always easy to control… especially if you are a Mom!), but above all, keep yourself together… Breakthrough is near, get your strength together and put on your happy smile and kick that false attitude to the curb… your change is near!


Have an awesome day.
Love and God Bless,

It’s A Day to be Grateful

The other morning I was relaxing with my cup of coffee and just having some quiet time to myself. Yes… there are days, being a mother and wife, I get to sneak in some time for myself… I have mastered this over the years! It does not happen often, but I do get to enjoy my “Me time” once in a while.
(I promise YOU can too!)

Anyway… I was thinking of my past and events that have happened – life in general. I started thinking about my children and where I live today, old and new friends that have become a part of my life over the years, the people I love most, and then I started to think of my husband – my beautiful soul whom I adore and who keeps me busy more than my kids do, at times!
Throughout my thoughts I found myself having this sense of fulfilment wash over me. It was a strange feeling, but nonetheless, I felt safe. I was at peace.
On some days, and I am sure we have all experienced this at some point, I feel like I am running an uphill marathon and I can not see the finish line, or feel close enough to having a rest, and other days I bounce from moment to moment hoping that something good will come my way, or I will hear some positive news instead of all the negativity that can overwhelm us, and other days I get so tired of the ‘mundane routine of life’ I recluse to zombie like mode and wait for the feeling to subside (I am grateful this state does not last long!!!).
But, on this day I was not running a marathon, I was not cleaning the house or making any of my family members food or rushing out the house to get somewhere on time, in that moment I was sitting alone on my couch enjoying my cup of coffee and my thoughts and a sad reality came to my mind… “When last did I say Thank you”?
I couldn’t remember!
It is an absolute must to be grateful, and most times we are, other times we find it easier to complain (and that most of us do oh so well!), but it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually expressed myself to my loved ones in quite a while!
My “Me time” didn’t last much longer after that thought, as my kids rushed inside all hot and sweaty looking for juice and breaking my moment of silence.
My “ME time” was over, in seconds! And so were my thoughts of making the perfect opportunity to tell my loved ones how grateful I am for them!

The rest of the day continued, as normal, and the days followed. I never thought about it again, but ultimately it was on the tip of my tongue to say “Thank you”, especially to the one I love most.
A few days later my hubby and I were chatting about some decisions we were finalising and throughout our discussions and trying to make sense of our decision, I had my points (actually many!) and he had his, but one of the topics which came up is that I never seem grateful, or say it!
I couldn’t argue the fact, because it was a few days prior I had the same thought in my head.

In my defense, it isn’t that I am not grateful, because I truly am, but it isn’t something we remember to do every day, or every time we think to do it we rush out and verbalise it. Most of us are grateful for life, or happy with the lives we live, but how often do we verbally say it out loud, at the right times to the right people?
Probably not that often.
As the days have moved along, being grateful and actually verbalising it has been one of my new priorities, and do you know the truth? I feel so much better for actually saying it out loud! It has kind of given me this new release for positive thinking, a positive mood, a new setting for my day and I have noticed my family has been more open to being “grateful” and happy than they were before.
It sounds like such a ‘silly thing’ but in fact, it has changed quite a lot in our every day existence in our lives, and my husband seems to be more fully charged than before!

It is said that a habit is formed in three days, so I guess I have formed a great new habit!
Perhaps being grateful is something you have no problem doing, some people just ooze gratuity, but others, such as myself, find it a little harder to work at, or express.
If you are someone, like me, who is grateful for life, but doesn’t always express yourself, try it! I promise you it will make a world of difference in your every day life, to the others around you and in your family – your children will see you doing it and notice the difference, and they too will pick up on and enjoy the positive energy you send out.

Being grateful is also not always easy, especially if you are not quite happy with where you are in your life at present, or circumstances are preventing you from truly being grateful, but through each day, through each difficulty there is always something to be grateful for. Think about it! Only you can make a difference in your daily life.

Let the start of your day be the start of being grateful for something, even if it’s the littlest thing… and when you have discovered it, tell someone! Let it be known, it will increase the chances of your day being greater and recharge someone else’s day too.

Live it, live a little more and don’t be shy to admit it!
Have an awesome day!

Love and God Bless,

It’s a new day

I hope this day finds you well.
Life has been a roller coaster of late. I can’t even remember the last time I logged on to write!
Wouldn’t you agree with me that each day something is happening to remind us of something negative, either there are countries experiencing floods, or there are water restrictions, the country is on edge with a new government election, people are being tortured and hurt, or babies are born with defects, divorce is on the rise, children are not getting the correct education, drugs are a constant threat in society, crime is increasing … it just doesn’t seem to end! No matter which social feeds we are linked to, there is something happening, often worse situations than good.

But, as I am not a lover of the negative I would like to remind you of this…Something more positive for your own life…
NO matter what is happening around you…
“Sometimes you fall off the wagon for months. Sometimes you tell yourself you are going to start fresh on Monday and by Wednesday you have already fallen back off. Sometimes you have to restart a 100 times and it’s frustrating. BUT, it will all be okay.
You can do this.
One day at a time is all you need”.


No matter what you are facing – it doesn’t matter if it’s your own fault that you can’t turn things around for the positive or it’s your surroundings that are causing you frustration, whatever the reason, you have today to begin again.
Do not hold onto the past, and stop blaming others. IF you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one.
But in the process, be kind to yourself, and remember, if God has brought you to it, He will guide you through it.

May your day be extra fruitful and be happy. There is always something to be grateful for.

Love and God bless,

Speak the truth, and never apologise for telling the truth

How often do we tell a ‘white lie’ so we don’t hurt someone else’s feelings? Or think if we hold the truth it will be better for the end result?
The plain and raw truth is, the truth will always come to surface, no matter which way we try to hide it or think we are protecting others.
Save the trouble and tell the truth from the beginning!

Ok, in all fairness, how we speak the truth can be toned down. Sometimes I am blamed for being too blunt or ‘too short’ with my words and answers. For that, I can definitely work on. There is a fine line of telling the truth, and hurting someone with the truth by our words, or in the way we speak out the truth.

For the last few days this word “Truth” has been laying on my mind. On social feeds and out of the mouths of mankind we often hear the word “karma” will come to you, sometime in your life you will get what you deserve, or the wheel turns slowly, but it turns.
You get what I am saying.
Personally I do not believe in the word “karma”. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and each of us will face our judgement day, for me, that is “karma” enough, all on its own!
But, I do understand that perhaps it is easier to relate to a “thing, a word, called karma” and trusting (hoping) that each person who may hurt you will have their day in suffering – a way of pay back. Maybe that is also a way to work through the pain, I don’t know.

But this word Truth. What does it mean to you? How much truth do you use in your daily life? For example, your day to day lifestyle, the people you come into contact with, your diet – health, looking after your children, speaking to your children, are you honest with your day at work – the times you work, honesty towards your boss, to your spouse?, on the internet – perhaps sites that you browse for your own entertainment – would they be suitable for your spouse and/or kids to watch with you?, the monthly ‘clean fun’ Ladies nights out, the whatsapp chats with your friends or your Facebook account?, telling your parents where you are going or where you were over the weekend, telling your teacher the truth about your homework which was in fact not done on time…
These are just a few examples where our truth may bubble over each day. Does your truth lie within your parameters for real life living, or is it at boiling over / past boiling point where you have to think of a reason, or answer before you actually speak?
These common little exaggerations that work better for us don’t last, and they are no good for anyone. Telling a story and high lighting the exaggeration slightly doesn’t always fare well in the end.
Sometimes you may be the story if you do not watch your words and speak carefully from the beginning to end.

This is a funny thing to talk about, especially for a Friday, but it is so relevant in our day to day lives. Lies hurt people. They also torture our very own soul.
Lies also break a very solid favourite in any relationship – TRUST. On EVERY level.

This morning as I arrived at work I was placed in a situation by my colleague to ‘bend the truth’ slightly in order for us to leave work earlier today. I mean who really wants to work a full day on a Friday especially when the weekend is just a taste away?
Well, the idea at the time sounded great. I was all for the thought of making up a little lie to leave work early. As I unpacked my bag and sorted out my desk to prepare for the day, my heart felt giddy. My conscience was not at ease. As I listened to my colleague discuss the plans to get out early, I couldn’t do it. Not that the idea didn’t appeal to me – because it did, but in truth, I couldn’t lie and jeopardise my “honest and loyalty” code to be flushed down the drain in a split second to save a few hours of what would have only ended up being an anxiety filled weekend of fun.
I let my colleague down with the truth that I couldn’t do it.
Needless to say, she was not happy about it, but went along with her plan anyway to leave a few hours earlier.
Her conscience didn’t leave her mind. But for me, I could not follow through with the plan she had so excitedly thought up.

As I listened to her plans I felt proud of myself. Not only was I honest, but I did the right thing.
The idea of sitting at work all day on a Friday still doesn’t excite me (haha!), but the idea of keeping my employ and dignity has left me feeling greater than great!
I know each of us is human, and there are moments that do overwhelm us and our actions sometimes work faster than our brain!
No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, sometimes a moment can take our breath away, but in the moments where you can think clearly, have the time to make a decision, and not react too quickly, think before you act, or before you speak to make your decision.
The truth eventually catches up with you. What you do today, may have far reaching consequences for your future – and for me, that is the hardest pill to swallow. Life has its own way of negative punches that are thrown into the whirling ball of every day life, my negative actions by choice don’t have to add to this crazy thing called Life in order to add to my stress levels!
As my Mother has always said, “Prevention is better than cure!”

Enjoy your weekend. Travel safe and speak kind toward one another. Love today, make memories, forgive and phone the person that has been in your heart to contact of late. Speak the truth, but speak it well and be kind.
Life is short, live it to the best, and make wise decisions – you will be happier. Believe it!

Love and God Bless,

Expect nothing in return if it’s done from your heart

How many times do you do something and expect something in return? Perhaps you may not even be mindful of it, or perhaps you are helping a friend out and in the back of your mind you thinking, “one day you can repay me the favor”, or you lend money out and it doesn’t get returned as promised to you?
This happens on a daily basis to most people. If you are employed you work for money and you expect to get paid, in order to pay your bills and live a better life. You wouldn’t work for free, unless you assist with charity organisations.

There is a scripture that reads –
“Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men”.
Colossians 3v23

But how often do we do something for someone and the person we help accepts our time with gratitude and later a time comes that you need help and that same person is not there, or has a world of excuses BUT to help you! I think we have all experienced this at some time in our life. It doesn’t make you feel too great, and in turn you start questioning your friendship, or your mind starts playing acts with you that you always there for them and they just keep letting you down! It kind of makes your reasons for giving seem pointless.
Sound familiar?
This morning when I saw this quote below it made me think of exactly what I have written today. And the truth is, we are all different. None of us were born the same, we don’t think the same, we are individuals of the same species and we definitely don’t share in the same morals or beliefs as the next person.


So what do you do in a situation where you are always being bugged for help and nothing comes back to you in return? Well, you can either break off your friendship, or look deeper into the person’s heart – perhaps there are other ways in which they assist you in other areas in your own life that you need, or you continue to help them because that is within your heart, but then you can not complain, grow weary or question the reasons as to why you do what you do! Simply because you do it because you want to, you can and you are just a nice guy / girl!

Through everything we do in life, once you get to a firm realisation that not everyone is the same as you, not everyone thinks like you and maybe not everyone is as ‘good’ as you, and whatever you do, you do it for the right reasons, you will be happy. To expect something from others will usually end up in hurt, so leave the expectations out.
Do everything with a cheerful heart and be happy!

Have an awesome weekend. Be safe and travel safer!

Love and God Bless,

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Have a change of heart to expect the GOOD in your life!

How often do we really expect something good to come our way? Do we really expect the positive element of surprise in our daily life? The thought of, “something GOOD is going to happen for me today?”
Do those thoughts continuously flood your mind on a daily basis?
I don’t know about you, but my brain isn’t always programmed like that. To expect the good all of the time is not something I exercise daily.
I often think to myself, “why can’t anything I do just run smoothly”. Well, there it is! My thoughts have already actioned my plan – there will undoubtedly be hiccups along the way, and then when things don’t run smoothly I find myself having a mini hysteria collapse because I just can’t believe the outcome!
It is so easy to think the negative, expect the negative and be “okay” when we hear bad news. When you don’t get the job you were so hoping for, or the house you hoped to move into and build memories has gone to someone else, or the car at the discounted price to suit your monthly budget has fallen through, and the attitude we leave ourselves with is, “Oh well… I never expected it anyway! I will just carry on with my same life every day…”
There are reasons why things happen, of course, sometimes it is to bring you closer to what is meant to be, but during the way be positive! Keep reaching for that dream with that spark in your spirit.
Do these words sound familiar to you? Does this feeling of negativity dwell within you most of the time?
Above all, do you believe that your life will be the same today, tomorrow, next week and well, um … forever?

Last weekend my husband and I decided to go out for a bit, on our own. The kids went to stay with my folks and we hit the town! We haven’t been out on our own for a while so we thought, “early dinner, few drinks and go home to get some much needed sleep”.
Well! What a night! The entire evening was unexpected – in a good way! We went out to a place I would never visit in the ordinary, then ended up at a pub / restaurant bar with a live band, enjoyed an amazing dinner, my husband spoiled me with some refreshing cocktails, we played some Slot machines (we both won some extra cash – first time in my life I have ever heard a slot machine echo the sweet sound of winning music!)
*And, under no circumstances do I encourage gambling, but my idea of gambling is throwing in a few coins and once the machine has gobbled it up I am ready to walk out, quickly!*
We played poole, darts and finally got into bed after 3am! I don’t think we have been to bed so late in over 5 years, or longer!
It was a great time out. We both woke up the following morning feeling exhausted! Went to pick up the kids, had a delicious breakfast, finished up some shopping and headed back home to continue with the household chores. We were both exhausted, but it had been a great time out.
As my husband and I climbed into bed the Sunday night, he said, “this was a really fun and unexpected weekend. I had a good time and I really hope you did too.” And my answer was, “Yes!

On my way to work Monday morning I was talking to the Lord and reflecting back on our thrilling weekend, I felt Him say, “this is how you should live each day. With an expected heart. Why would you be surprised to enjoy the good things I have for you when I am good and the God of Love?”
His promises to each of us is that He is the God of love and His love endures today and forever, and He is the God of everything that is good. This means, His promises are for you too, even if you feel inadequate to enjoy them, and receive a good life.
Why should we settle for anything less than the best? Why do we hope for our friends / family to “have it all” while we sit back and ‘wait our turn’ or expect less?
It is a cold fact that most people live a life believing that they are not deserving of something good. Today I am going to remind you that YOU are MORE than deserving! It is time you (me) start re-loading our brains into believing and expecting good turn outs on a daily basis. The promotion that you have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for… start believing that it is yours, speak that promotion into your life. Do not expect anything less.
When something goes wrong (it is a part of life), sort it out, work through it, find the solution and expect positive results. Do not expect anything less.

“God never gives you a dream that matches your budget. He’s not checking your bank account, He is checking your faith”.
It is time to expect the unexpected with positive results because you can and YES you will! It is time to step out in faith and look forward to every wonderful thing that is coming your way.
It is time, for you to enjoy life while you endure life…Expect the unexpected with a grateful heart!

Love and God Bless,

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Time runs away with us, but Time is so precious – hold onto it

This morning my son walked through to the kitchen to make his breakfast, he kissed me good morning and said in a soft tone, “Mom, can you believe it is already Friday?”
Excitedly I said, “Yesssss! Great isn’t it?”
He didn’t answer back as excited as I was and said, “Yes I know, but it just seems like yesterday it was Sunday”.

I felt a little embarrassed. I mean, usually the tables are turned and the kids are excited for the weekend and the parents are usually calmer, but today it was my turn to call out the tunes and get over excited.
On my way to work I thought about time. How fast does time go by? My son is 100% right when he said, “it felt like it was Sunday yesterday”.
Where does our time go? In saying this, my husband and I were talking about our future plans last night and I was disturbed thinking, “wow, I am really getting older. This stuff is what is supposed to be discussed and sorted out when you get older! In reality, I am older! Well, older than I was 20 years ago.
Yesterday scrolling through Face Book I noticed a post feeding through and people on my list were ticking their “Bucket List” of things they have already done. About 3/4 of things to do on the list I had never heard of, thought about, or haven’t done!
However, there were a few that I have managed to achieve!

Life happens. Some of us don’t get to do everything we dreamed of doing. Some of us fortunately can, or have. It doesn’t make any person better or different, each of us have our own choices, it is up to us how we spend our valued time, after all, every one of us has 24 hours in a day to do what we can or chose how we spend our hours.
Time is moving faster, for some crazy reason as I have gotten older time seems to fly by and I have come to realise that each day is perfect for me. No matter what I do, who I spend it with, the most important part of my day is knowing I am sharing my life with the people who mean the most to me, and one day I will look back and realise today was the best time of my life.
However, there is always time to accomplish more and dream bigger – I don’t doubt that for a single second.

If you are anything like me and love the weekends, holidays and time off from the office, you will share my heart, but in saying this, I don’t hope to wish my life away or see my children grow up faster than they should. Enjoy today, enjoy these moments and surround yourself with people who give you joy and you don’t mind life moving quicker as long as they are a part of it. Go home and tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Hug your friends when you see them, phone your long distance family and say hi, Skype your family or friend who is overseas, switch the TV off (even if it is for only 1 hour) and take your children for a walk, or watch them play outside (without their mobiles!).
Get real. Get your feet in the sand and ground yourself. Feel the sun on your face, or if you are in a country that experiences an abundance of rain, go outside and feel the drops on your face. Relish this moment, whether you are old or young – it is just a number, live each day.
Wish for today to be perfect, there is no rush.
If you are sitting with a loved one beside a hospital bed, as strange as it sounds (I too have been there) enjoy those living moments with them. Massage their hand, read to them, hug them, brush their hair – enjoy each moment you have, with whom you share it with.
I may not have a long life on this earth, or I may live to be in my 90s, but what I do hope for is that when I look back again to my past I will smile because of who I have spent my time with, even the people that chose to bring harm toward me or spoke negatively about me, it does not matter. They have taught me a multitude of life’s lessons. I am still here, living my life in perfect harmony with a God who Loves me unconditionally and who thinks I am to die for, a family who loves me, and I have a place in this world because I have been created for a purpose. You have too.

Today is now. It is the present. Love it and enjoy the time you have for each day in passing is precious and it is a story to tell, and will be a memory that can never be taken from you.

Have an awesome weekend, and YES it is FRIDAY! Yay!
Love and God Bless,

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