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Are you in the right War Room?

Let me begin by wishing you all a wonderful 2017. Wow!!! What a time it has been – enjoyed 3 weeks leave with my family and had a wonderful holiday. Needless to say after our holiday I needed another holiday just to get over it!
I most certainly believe 2017 has some exciting events up its sleeves and I am all ready for it!
My sincere prayers to each of you on is that this year will be a massive turn around of events in your lives. That whatever your heart is hoping for, you will see the fruits come to pass, for you and your family.
If your year did not start off too well, there is hope! It is only the beginning and we have many months to jam pack some good times in it and keep those smiles on our faces and the positive thoughts in our hearts and mind. Make great memories and take those photos to prove it!
And as we get up each morning, let us remember to start the day with Thanks, a huge breath and keep focused. I do not believe in New Year Resolutions because usually by this time in the year they have already been forgotten!
I think I am right in saying this!!!

I am not sure if any of you have watched the “War Room”. Well, if you haven’t, I strongly suggest you hire the DVD and watch it.
Did that movie open my eyes to many frustrations I have been experiencing for a while?
Wow Wow Wow is all I can say. In the beginning when it started I kind of drifted and thought, “what is this about?” and then it was as though I was in the movie itself. Everything became so real and my tears silently started to fall.
I will not tell the story… especially for those who would like to go and see it, but I will say this…

When you get angry, feel like the world is against you, enjoying that pity party all on your lonesome, fighting with your spouse, your kids, your boss or colleagues, everything seems to be going wrong and you just aren’t catching your breath – I want to ask you, “who do you fight with? Who are you constantly at war with”?
Do you take your anger out on your husband? Is he the “main cause” of your unhappiness? Are you fighting with your children? Do they see how unhappy you are? Are they even happy living at home?
Yip, I am coming on strongly. And yes, it’s Friday and I am making you think deep after a long week, but you have the next 2 days to think about these things and start making some positive changes. Perhaps you have some time to hire the movie – even if you have watched it before, perhaps it is time to get a kick in the butt again and watch it for the second time!
Yes I am talking to you!

You see, if you are constantly fighting against people (and I do understand certain circumstances cause different reactions – I am not numb to these situations), but in general life who are you always fighting against? What is your biggest problem you face? Do you spend your day wrecking havoc around your loved ones because you are constantly fighting a battle on your own, or your mind is in turmoil having a crazy time in your head while you all alone in the day making up stuff? If this is you, I am sad to say you are fighting the wrong way and with the wrong people – it is getting you no where, but landing you in a field of heart ache and self defeat and you will never solve the problem!
Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you and your partner fight over the same thing and feel like you are not “being heard” anymore or your feelings don’t matter? Do you still communicate, and love one another? Are you kids just not relating to anything you do or say to them? Has drugs / alcohol / emotional abuse made it’s ugly way into your home and you have lost control? Is everything you say, feel or do just feel negative and inadequate, like everything you do is getting you no where?
Today I would like for you to take a breath. A big breath if you need to, sit down and if you have to just cry. Let it out. Let it go.
It is okay.
I promise you. You will be stronger once you do what I am about to tell you, and you will live in more freedom than you do now – and so will your loved ones that surround you each day.

If you are feeling like you are in your own war zone you may just in fact be fighting in the wrong War room. You (I) need to get back to basics. We need to get down to the root of the problem. You (Me) – we can change the root of the problem by one (simple) step.
Change begins in us.
It starts when we find our peace, a place we can sit quietly on our own in the day and speak to the Lord. Write down everything that is bothering you. Whatever it is, write it down.
List it, if you need to. Take time to write it all down, the Lord has time – and with all your worrying it seems you have the time too.
Get hold of a Bible, or if you have a Smart phone read from the internet and read up on scripture. The Bible is loaded with verses where the Lord fights for you. He is your comforter, and if He is for you no one can be against you – anything and everything is possible with the Lord.
Place your list somewhere private, that only you can see (whatever you do in secret for the Lord, you will be rewarded) and pray each day that the Lord will go before you and clean up your mess and whatever challenges you are no longer coping with.

Let it GO…
Did you read that line and believe it? I said, “LET IT GO!” The Lord knows your heart and He waits for His children to ask for His help – and let Him handle it. The war is His, the enemy has already been defeated by Him. His victory lies in YOU.
Instead of fighting the war against the people you love and (perhaps) even yourself, once you hand it over, you will find your peace within the situation. Concentrate on yourself – nothing and no one else. Take time out for yourself and as you do so, you will notice the “big worries” that you had high up on a pedestal and stole your joy aren’t fully important anymore – your mind has been shifted into a place of quiet, and you have the strength and focus to improve life around you and not keep being stuck in the problem holding you in one place. Your focus has been moved to the King and His peace undertakes your life – trust me, when you at this point, it’s a good thing!

The enemy only comes to steal, lie, kill and destroy… I mean he ONLY comes to steal, lie, kill and destroy every GOOD thing God has put on this planet, that includes you and me too.
Whatever makes you happy, the enemy will come to steal that joy from you. And 9/10 times he gets the victory in our lives because we fight against the people who mean the most to us, we give up hope, we shoot out hateful words, we have affairs because it seems easier and the love in our relationships are hidden or lost, we cast our children out, we turn to drugs/alcohol or the wrong crowd of people, and we lower our price tag on how worthy we truly are as individuals. We forget we have favor with the Lord all because we allow the lies to creep in and we learn to believe it.
Instead of fighting against ourselves and the people close to us, why not get angry with the enemy? He deserves the havoc wrecked upon him! And I say this with brutal force and a mind equipped for and with Christ.
It is TIME to start letting God IN to do our fighting as He has already won the war when He died on the cross and we need to start reminding the enemy exactly where he stands – out of our house, out of authority of our heart and minds, out of our children’s lives, out of our marriage! He needs to be reminded his lies are no longer welcome, but will rather be received in the pit of hell where they belong. NO more!
The War should not be within us, but left for the Lord to do the fighting on our behalf.

As time goes by, you will see the fruits of your prayers. But it may not happen straight away, but you will see the change as it will start with you. Get rid of any negative thoughts or talk, gossip and if your friends / family are not of the positive type – then get back to your own war room, on your own and speak to the Lord ONLY. It is a daily prayer, we never give up on the good things that God has in store for us and we never lose hope in our loved ones, their future, your future and a good family. We never stop praying for our life and all the people who make up our world. We say sorry. We ask for forgiveness. We learn to be kinder to our own soul. We learn to see our truth and our focus is on the Lord and NOT us (me) and the situation we find ourselves in!

In saying this, as I have been giving my daily challenges to the Lord each day (especially more since watching this movie) and listening to my new Praise Worship CD my son gave to me for Christmas in my car, I have felt a lighter change within me.
When I wake up I start my day differently. As my feet hit the floor I am reminded who I am in Christ and today is a new day to pray and believe that all will be well and God is in control, even at times when I feel lost and alone.
It is not always easy, but I believe in God’s promise to each of us, I believe in good and bad – and often I feed the bad, more than I feed the good.
But, the test came this morning!
On our way to work my daughter was very upset as to how her teacher has been treating her of late and I found my “old ways in anger” creeping into my heart. I felt anger stir – it was tense. Instead of listening to my Praise CD I switched over to the radio. I was irritated and just got more angry listening to her and hearing how upset she was. I tried to speak positively to her and be careful of my words while doing so, (it was not easy), and I encouraged her to pray for her teacher instead of being upset and enjoy the day as she has a whole year with her in the same class room.
In the back of my mind I did not feel like praying for this woman, I was planning out my brutal attack as to what I was going to say to her at the Parents evening next week. I felt like the War Room had waged war within me and I was on fire … but all for the wrong reasons.
It was not easy. My focus had been shifted to a blurry vision.
I am a mother and no one hurts my children without some sort of wrath against them! (So I like to think!)
As I kissed my kids goodbye and watched them walk into the school gate, my heart rate still higher than normal, I watched all the other parents and kids who were around the parking area and was reminded we are all God’s children – and so is my child’s teacher!
As I got back into my car, I switched over to the Praise CD again and asked God to forgive me. My teeth were still clenched, but hey, I am human, and as I drove on I started to sing. Within a few minutes I found myself praying for this teacher. Why? Only the Lord will know, but my heart was changed. It is not my fight. The Lord knows why my daughter was placed in her classroom, with those children. He has it under control.
I found my peace and reminded the enemy that he will not steal my joy, my child’s joy, the wrath shall not come from me and whatever comes of it – it will work out perfectly as it should. My job as her Mother is to keep praying.
As I drove into work my friend phoned to tell me her son’s wallet had been stolen with his salary and personal cards in it and to please pray that it is found. I prayed that the Lord would restore Him 10 fold and his wallet would be returned without any loss.
Two hours later she called to say his wallet had been returned. Everything was in-place!
Now if that isn’t a faithful God who is concerned over our littlest prayers, how much more will He do with our BIG requests! I am excited!

So I ask you today, where is your War Room? Where do you go to sit with the Lord? Have your requests been written up while you trust for break through in your life? In your family life. In your home. God is with you. He does hear our prayers, but sometimes we have to shift our prayers and pray the right way. Hand it over to Him and let Him take the battle on. You keep walking the positive walk and wait for the break through.
May your heart find peace. May your marriages be restored. May your children be blessed and see their parents rise up in righteousness. May your homes be free of drug / alcohol / emotional abuse as you draw closer to Him. May your lives be changed for the ultimate experience of a life time when you cast your burdens onto Him, ask for forgiveness, seek peace and let it go. As you pray, stop speaking negative. If it is a person who is hurting you and won’t change his/her ways – leave them. Keep praying for them. It is not for you to change them. You have enough change within yourself to do!

I trust 2017 will be a great year. It is time to take back what the enemy has taken from you. It is time to ask for new authority in your home – His name is Jesus. He sits on the throne and He is for you.
Enjoy your life and may this year be the start of something wonderfully awesome!

Love and God Bless,

Unjust Situations that arise in our life…reverse them through Prayer!

I am sure we have all faced some sort of a life challenge. Sometimes they are brought to us to change us, renew us, protect us – but during the time we feel the challenge has come to break us. Am I right?
The other morning I was praying to the Lord. I just kept asking Him WHY am I still struggling with a battle in my life. A challenge that has been with me for over five years. I pray daily that it will eventually just be finalised. I keep in mind that God’s time is perfect and during these last five years of waiting it has also taught me a lot about myself, as a person.
Anyway, going back to my prayer. I was frustrated. And asked God Why couldn’t He have just settled me with an ordinary life. Why have I had to experience so much (and much that I never asked for – and honestly don’t believe I deserve it, but who am I? I am no better than the next person, and for that I have learnt to humble myself first).
As the tears came, my heart felt punctured. I felt like the full heart I have always had, had a hundred holes in it. It could hold no more love, it felt drained. I felt as though the woman I have become, had no more substance left to get through another day and in my mind I said to the Lord, “no more. Please no more”.

I finished with my prayer, got ready and left the house. I didn’t feel better. But, the day had to get on and I had to press on. The same evening as I was making dinner I made myself a cup of tea and I felt the Lord say to me, “I never gave you an ordinary life because I want you live an extraordinary life and it begins with ME. What you are going through is preparing you for your next season. Don’t give up, don’t give up on ME because I have called you for an extraordinary life!”
Within seconds I felt as though my heart had been repaired. It was pumping and I felt as though my body had been super naturally restored. God had handed me the jumper cables and I was ready for Him – for this life to continue and press on in His strength.
It was the weirdest, most amazing feeling I had experienced in a long while and it felt great! While I continued cooking dinner and drinking my tea, I was reminded that the Lord loves every one of us and He is interested in every little detail in our lives, no matter who we are, where we live and age does not matter!

This morning I was sent this Prayer message from a friend. It is from a Blog : By Jamie Rohrbaugh
Perhaps you would like to look it up yourself and read more about his Blog. I am not familiar with his writing, but I was absolutely mind blown when I read his prayer on how to Reverse Unjust Situations in your life. I will share this prayer with you, and I trust it will help you if you are battling in any unfair and unjust situation in your own life, or perhaps you can share it with someone else who may be experiencing a similar situation.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You in Jesus’ name. Father, thank You for seeing everything that is going on in my life. Thank You for always taking care of me. I know You have a good plan for my life, and You have promised that all things will work together for my good because I love You and am called according to Your purpose.
Father, You see what’s going on in my life. You see ………., and You see that this is unjust. And Father, righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne. So Father, because You are righteous and just, I know that You are ready to move on my behalf. I believe that You are ready to reverse this situation for me according to Your Word.
So Father, I ask in Jesus’ name first that You, the God of all comfort, would comfort me during this season. I charge the angels of God to minister to me right now in Jesus’ name. I bind away every lie, plot, and trick of the enemy off of my life and I loose healing, wholeness, life, truth, and holy vindication into my life.
I speak to the hidden things the Father desires to reveal, and I command them to be revealed right now in Jesus’ name. I decree the light of the Holy Spirit must shine into this situation right now.
I decree divine reversal for the cause of righteousness, truth, and justice right now in Jesus’ name. I decree that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me in judgment I shall condemn. This is my heritage, for I am a servant of the Lord. My righteousness is of the Lord.
I decree that nothing shall in any way harm me or my family. I decree in the name of Jesus that the enemy may come against me one way, but he’ll flee before me seven ways. I decree that this giant must fall right now in Jesus’ name and that this situation works out for my good.
I call forth promotion for myself because of this fight. I decree that this situation will result in blessing AND INCREASE for me in Jesus’ Name.

I speak to the finished works the Father prepared before the foundation of the world for me to walk in, and I command them to manifest right now in Jesus’ name. I decree in Jesus’ name that, like the grain of wheat that falls to the ground and dies, but then rises again and bears much fruit, I also will bear much fruit because of this season of death and the subsequent resurrection that will come.
I plead the blood of Jesus over my relationships. I enforce, impart and release unity, forgiveness, healing, transparency, the Father’s Love, and mercy into all my relationships right now in Jesus’ name.
I pluck out every arrow the enemy has shot into me and my family right now in Jesus’ name, and I cast those arrows to the ground useless and of no effect. I plead the blood of Jesus over those wounds, and I release healing into them in Jesus’ name.
I bless the situation I am going through with fully performing God’s purpose for it in Jesus’ name, and with bringing forth the great victory that Jesus purchased on the cross for me. Let it be manifest and completely done now. I bless myself with supernatural empowerment that will enable me to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.
And now I speak to this situation and I say :
Forgiveness of God, come forth in Jesus’ name!
Will of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Vengeance of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Mercy of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
New beginnings from God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Love of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Kingdom of God, come forth in this situation in Jesus’ name!
Restoration of God,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Peace of God which passes all understanding, come forth in Jesus’ name!
Comfort of the Holy Spirit,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Divine reversal according to the Father’s plan,come forth in Jesus’ name!
Honor from God,come forth in Jesus’ name!

I am calling upon the Lord, and He will answer me. He is with me in this trouble. He will deliver me and honor me.
I speak to this situation and I say : Let the valleys be brought up. Let the mountains be brought low. Let the crooked places be made straight. Let the rough places be made smooth. Let the glory of the Lord be revealed, and let all flesh see it together.
Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering my prayer. I bless You for it, and I give You all the glory for everything You are going to do.

In Jesus’ name.

May your day be filled with encouragement today. Where there is trouble or tribulation, look for something positive in your day, and keep praying. Soon this too, shall pass. Find your strength during the challenge and never give up.

Love and God Bless,

See the good in everything today…. even if it’s a battle

How often when we hear bad news/sad news or the day just doesn’t go the way in which we hoped it would, our entire mood changes for the rest of the day? It could be the smallest thing, or a sentence spoken to you which literally was the last straw to deal with and it felt as though your world had collapsed for a mini break in your life?
I think we have all experienced this, several times in our lives.

Last week my Gran passed away. She lives in another town (driving distance from where we live), and my hope was to attend her Memorial. It would be the final tribute for her life. As our kids were busy with end term exams I contacted the school to check times and request if we could pick up the kids earlier in order to attend the Memorial on time.
Under no circumstances would the school change the exam time to be written in the first session of the day for my children. I was annoyed. Their exam was in the second session of the day which ended the exact time the Memorial was to begin. There was no way we would have made it, even if we were driving at light speed.
My heart was sore and I felt sad. I felt like I had let my Father down as I could not attend his Mother’s final life tribute. My husband tried to make arrangements for me, but nothing lead to a positive direction to attend.
Eventually I had to come to peace with the realisation that there was nothing more I could do, it is a part of life, and even though I could not make it, it wasn’t without trying. For the rest of the day I felt really down.

That is just one of many circumstances that can change the beginning of a beautiful day into a morbid ending.
There are several instances that can alter our mood – a colleague at work, unreasonable deductions from our payslip, our kids battling in school or being bullied, relationship issues, failing a driver’s licence, getting a speeding fine, a sale collapsing near month end or not reaching target, traffic, bank charges … and the list goes on, and on!
Since last week, still trying to get over the fact that a Principal at my kids school could not assist in helping us as she has the professional power to move the kids exams to the earlier schedule and allow us to attend my Gran’s funeral annoyed me beyond belief. The realisation that there is a reason for everything that happens, had to settle in my mind and I had to calm down.
As I am not a Principal I do not know all the rules and regulations of how a school is run and I was not about to take her up on the matter, I just had to accept her decision and live with it, no matter how unhappy it made me and my family, under the circumstances.

As the days have gone on, and the Memorial was yesterday, I have been thinking about how easily we can get swooped up in a distant moment and feel like the end of the world is near, or close enough to it. Our actions engulf a reasonable way of thinking and emotionally we can stress ourselves out to such a point our manner is totally uncontrolled with frustration and confusion.
The work place is also a solid environment for frustration, gossip, impatient behaviour and moments of anger or fierce words spoken out in fits of rage, but it doesn’t have to be. The end result does not always have to be a negative overcast shadow that follows us for the rest of the day. It all depends on our individual attitude and response to a negative or sad moment we are dealt with.
My husband often says to me, “we all have moments of anger or frustration, but it is how we channel that attitude that makes all the difference”. In my many desperate moments of defence I don’t always follow his lead (or swallow his sound advice), but in reality it is the truth. Only we, as individuals can change a different moment in the day, deal with it in a decent manner, focus on the bigger picture and move on to finish the day with a positive attitude and go to sleep with a peaceful mind. It can happen! Not always, but I believe it can.
And… who knows? The end result may not even be that bad… How we thought it would turn out in the first place!

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best,
a heart that forgives the worst,
a mind that forgets the bad, and
a soul that never loses faith”.

Let today be different. No matter what comes at you, before you chase after the different conclusions and assumptions, take it in your stride and think positively – think the matter through. Let your mind be controlled by peace and take one step at a time. Your struggle may be real, but guaranteed your day will end better, even though you will have to work through the situation, it can be done with a changed attitude, and fewer words spoken, and a calmer end result!

Have a wonderful day!
Love and God Bless,

Living through each Season

These last few days I have really been struggling with this ‘reason for life’. I am by no means living the ‘doom and gloom’, but for the last few weeks I have had questions that only I can really help answer in order to live a good and worthy life, and to enjoy life in general. Perhaps it is my time for questioning, for being grateful, perhaps be angry with certain events that have happened in my life, maybe it is time I actually just say Thank you.
I don’t know, but the feeling of uncertainty and quiet realisation in certain areas of my life have been giving my brain a real work out.
This morning when I woke up I felt the Lord remind me of the scripture :

(Ecclesiastes 3 3-13 NIV)
Time for Everything

3 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.
9 What do workers gain from their toil? 10 I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race. 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 12 I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. 13 That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”

I went downstairs and saw my husband preparing breakfast, my son was already eating and my next guess was, “my daughter is still having a lie in and enjoying her school holidays”. Our morning had already started with our daily routine. As I opened the back door the breeze caught me and the air outside looked cleaner. It has been raining for a few days and everything looked bright.
The start to our day was beautiful.
It is the start of a new season in my part of the world – Autumn, and the world outside seems as though it is already prepared for the new season.
As I stood in the door way looking out, I asked myself, “am I ready for the new seasons God brings to me?”
Somehow my answer to “yes” was hesitant.
Are we ever really ready or prepared for change?

Before we knew it we were all kissing and hugging each other good bye and hurrying out the door for us to make our appearance into the big world for the day. I dropped the kids off at their holiday sitter and I headed off to work.
As I prayed, the Lord reminded me of His work. His time. His ways. His reason. His plan. His EVERYTHING.
My mind can not comprehend His plan for my life. All I know is, it is good because He is the creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the creator of ME. He is the creator of YOU.
He is the creator of the beginning and the end.
There is a famous saying that goes, “all good things come to an end”, it is also true that, “after the storm comes the rainbow”. No matter what phrases we use in our life, the words of healing and encouragement we live by to see us through each day, the ultimate realisation to this is, each day is a day on its own. Each day will bring something of its own delight, or sadness, to our life, whether it is a good or bad thing, it is a season we should hold onto and that season will end in order to start something else, a new chapter in life.
The other day I was talking to a friend. He was complaining that his divorce is taking a long time to conclude.
(Each person has his / her own reasons for their choices), however, while listening to him, the sound in his voice was tired. In the same tone he was hopeful that soon it would be over and he can move on, hopefully for better things to come.

I understand we are not all going through a divorce, but when I weigh up the situation, it kind of seems like divorce is in parallel to the different seasons. During a time of struggle and endless challenges, we grow weary, we are tired, the light is too dim to see the end of the tunnel and we trudge along hoping for it to end.
And then one day it does end. We are in fact divorced from the struggle and we start seeing a new road, full of hope and less travelled and we begin the next journey of our life.
This becomes our new season.
Either way you look at it, every season will make its appearance, and it is up to each individual how we work through that season – challenge or victory, either way it will define us for something greater, something new, something unique – hope. God’s ultimate plan for your life, for my life is that it will be beautiful, in its time.
When you stop and look back at the different roads you have travelled and see how far you have come, you soon realise that those moments where you struggled the most, where you fought so hard were some of your biggest victories.
Those moments changed you, hopefully for the better, but only after time can you see the difference it has made in you, and perhaps to others around you.
Those hardships gave you extra strength. Those moments carved out a new piece in you, a purpose for your drive in life to keep going.
Perhaps, in some moments, they were in fact the best days of your life and you never once paused to say “Thank you” for your life during that time.
It is so easy to complain, yet so awkward to be grateful and really mean it.

A few months ago my husband said to me, “there is so much to be grateful for”, in that moment I could find nothing to be grateful for, or actually smile about and in my frustration and heartless negativity I responded, “tell me what there is to be thankful for?”
When I think about that day now, my heart hurts. In fact, during that time, I might have been troubled within my own challenges, but surrounding me I had the greatest gift on earth, I had the people who love me the most with me – they never left me.
In that moment I failed to see it.

Challenges are tough. But life is filled with them. I doubt many of us cling to difficult challenges, and most of us hope for a positive way out, but take heart. No matter what you are facing, it will not last forever. You may be wondering, “Will this ever end? Will my heart ever stop hurting? Do I have a reason on this earth?”
My answer to it all is, “Yes”. One day you will look back and realise that everything you go through has a reason. There is a season and season for each and every part of our life. Nothing may make sense right now, but some day it will.
Do not lose sight of who and what is around you. It is easy to lose focus and complain, we are human. It is in our nature to find fault.
But, let this be a reminder to you, before you speak and string up all the negative, look around you and count your blessings first, for one day your greatest gifts of treasure may no longer be with you.
Cease the day. Cease the moment, make every day count and love the ones you are with. No matter what the season you are facing now, it may have come with a price, but God does make everything beautiful in His time, and what seems like a total mess now, will eventually make sense – somehow, somewhere, but today walk through your season. Invest in it, for it will be the strength you will need for tomorrow, and soon you will see your rainbow and know that “it is good” to be alive and remember, God is not finished with you yet.

Love and God Bless,

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Today we Pray. Today we are grateful.

Have you ever just allowed your mind to go astray and your thoughts wonder about life in general? I don’t mean going into zombie mode and thinking about nothing or everything that is paranormal, I mean, have you really thought about LIFE. YOUR LIFE? Today is the most important day of your life because today you are alive and able to make a difference, and who knows where tomorrow takes you?
The other day I was thinking of a friend who was with her family, she had a love for life. She had seen to her kids, tucked them into bed and a few minutes later she was no longer. Nothing could be more of a tragedy for her family than in those moments of saying ‘good-bye’. My thoughts, did she ever think when she woke up that morning she would enjoy her last final hours on this earth before she reached her eternity?
I will never know.
My mind can’t comprehend such sadness, and I am sure there are many stories almost the like of the one I have just mentioned that has happened around the world, to many wonderful families.
These last few weeks I have really been thinking about my Life. What have I done differently today that is special? Did I phone everyone who popped into my mind, or did I remember to say a quiet prayer for them instead? Do my children know just how amazing they are? Have I instilled good measure into their little lives for them to be great people and love their own lives enough, if I am no longer? Have I prayed enough and do I trust that the Lord hears my every prayer and answers each one according to His plan and purpose?
The questions are endless. But how often do we actually think about these things and believe that if we are to leave this earth at any given moment we will be ‘ready’? We will be happy.


There are two things in this world that are for certain – we will pay taxes and we will die.
Believe today will be a good day, no matter what the challenge is you are facing, today is your day. Each one of us has been blessed with a wonderful gift – it is time we learn to deposit that goodness unto others and make today the best day of your life, and tomorrow even better! My daughter came home the other day from school and said to me, “Mommy, do you know what my teacher told us today?” Interested (and a little nervous) I answered her, “what did she say?”, my daughter replied, “She told us that we must live each day like it is our last day!” As I looked at her and smiled I thought, “what an amazing way to encourage and teach our youth of today – the understanding of Hope and enjoying each day as much as they can”. With a world that is so sadly shattered in so many ways, it is still a world that has so much to offer, and we have been given the opportunity to explore it, live it, enjoy it and smile with the people we meet and may be blessed to call friends and family.

No matter how old or young you are, today is your day. Make it happen and do everything without complaining – no matter how difficult it is (I am also guilty of it!!), but let this be a challenge – do everything with a smile on your face.
If you are healthy, you are in a group blessed beyond more than money can ever buy – enjoy it and savour every moment you have living your life well. Take every chance you get to walk, breathe in fresh air, climb the stairs, do something extra-ordinary (and it doesn’t have to be expensive), but DO IT!
If you are struggling with an illness. My prayer for you is that you will get by today in ease and know that the Lord stands beside you. I pray for you. I pray that through your struggles you will still find hope and believe that the Best is yet to come. I pray that you will feel the Lord’s breath on your face as He refreshes you moment by moment.
Each day we will wake up with the truth of believing, “Today is my day”.
Today I would like to send my prayers out to a very special woman in our life, battling cancer – we are with you 150 000% “Team Tracey”! I know you are fighting today (and to every other person fighting for your life) my prayers are with you too. You will not be alone.
May the Lord Jesus Christ flood His mercies over you and give you strength. May His face shine upon you and give you renewed strength. May your body know its healing power and as you speak life into every living cell in your body.
Today we have a prayer, we have a plan and together we have renewed hope. Don’t waste your day on the pettiness of life, the concerns that won’t add an extra minute to your gorgeous day, let it go.
Your greatest achievement is to get through today and tell every person you hold dear to you that they are your ultimate best. That they mean the world to you and they are awesome.

Today is your day, let it be wonderful.

Love and God Bless,

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Holding onto bad news can prevent you from living

Psalm 112:7 (New International Version NIV)
“They will have no fear of bad news;
their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord”.

The other morning I received a call from a friend I have known well for most of my life. The conversation went on for a while until she paused and said, “I actually phoned to tell you about a dream my husband had and it wasn’t very pleasant”… As her words collided out of her mouth and she told me about the dream, I felt like I needed to gasp for air. My mind went foggy, my hands started to sweat, and I felt like my stomach had just clenched into a huge ball and I felt a sharp pain race through my head. Honestly, it was the worst conversation I had ever received and after a few more minutes of me being rather silent, as I heard her words, but didn’t know what she was talking about – I could not ask for any details whatsoever about the dream – I ended our conversation.
I sat at my desk and the only thing I could do was to pray. As a parent the one thing in life you live by, and that is to protect your children, in every situation. No matter how old they get, your children become your number one priority and as any parent would say to anyone, “take what you want, do what you please, but touch or harm my children and family and you will meet a crazy side of me that will make your worst nightmares seem like sugar and candy”.

I went to our staff room and prayed. And boy, did I pray! During my prayer I asked God for wisdom and began to speak His promises over our lives, over my family’s life and within a few minutes my heart rate returned to normal, my peace overshadowed the anxiety I had just experienced and the day continued, as normal.
My thoughts went back to the reality that I serve a mighty God – who knows everything.

Later on that day my mind went back to the conversation and I asked myself, “Why do people speak without giving a moment’s thought about how their words could affect the other person?”
I was angry all over again! I am not going to lie, but it took every cell in my body to react civil until our conversation ended. I was later reminded that if something (or any news) comes to steal your joy, it is not from the Lord. Spit it out!

My post today is this, there are two things I could have done during and after that call – 1. I could have freaked out, taken in the bad news and stirred up every negative thought that was able to flood my head, asked all the details about the dream and given the pleasure of all raised fear to run a mock in my mind, or 2. Remain calm, pray for God’s protection, seal the conversation in wisdom and pray for peace again and again and again until that peace overpowers the lie and negative words that were unleashed.

The truth is, every one of us are guilty, in a conversation, of speaking without thought. At times, our words don’t mean to directly harm someone, but in turn, those words do hurt without even realizing the harm it creates. Once those words are spoken out they can never return void.
I was comforted with a passage of scripture – as mentioned above, Psalm 112v7 “They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord”.

If there is a time where you may be in a situation and the news you receive is negative, or does not leave you with a ‘feel good’ spirit, cast it out. Do not accept negative words over your life. And do not dwell on it, do not talk about it to others as it only gives unnecessary power to get active. Believe that the life you live is worth every waking moment and God’s promise is the only promise you should find comfort in. Only He knows your future and if you are surrounding yourself with negative friends or friends who do not uplift or encourage you, perhaps it is time to seek a new social group – or stand up to the negativity that clouds them.
Love the life you live and pray every day for God’s protection and peace over your life and your family.

Have an awesome day and I trust this week will be greater than ever!

Love and God Bless,

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Learn to FORIVE and Forgive forever

Today I would like to talk about a word – an act – that is so important in our day to day lives, but so often we do not put that word into practise, or believe it can solve so much pain that squeezes out every drop of joy for living our personal life.
I am talking about ‘FORGIVENESS’.
Forgiving others who have hurt you. Or … learning to forgive yourself by hurting others.

How often do we hear people say, “I will never forgive him/her and I will never forget”.
I agree, sometimes in the moment it is very difficult to ever forgive (or forget) someone if they have hurt you, but the truth is, YOU (yourself) need to forgive in order to live a wholesome and fruitful life.
I look back on my own personal life.
As a young girl I was abused by a family member. It lasted for two years and I never told anyone, until eventually I had so much anger built up within me, I let it all out. It took me years to face him again, in fact two weeks before his death, I went to visit him and told him I forgave him. That day will live with me forever, because it was the same day I lead my grandfather to the Lord. When he passed away, I knew he went to heaven. You see, even through his wrong doing toward me and my life, his wrong doing was never enough for him to spend an eternity in hell.
In fact, he had spent years in unforgiveness for himself, but for years I believed it was only me who suffered.
Through a terrible situation, a hurtful situation, a life changing situation, I knew if I didn’t go and forgive him or face him for his wrong doing to me, I would never learn to move on and my life would have suffered forever.
After my confrontation with him, and his death, it didn’t take me a few weeks to forget what happened. NO! It lives within me daily, but through that situation I have been able to help others. I have a stronger faith in the Lord and I live a life which has been set free. That bondage of abuse does not own me. It does not drive me and it sure as nuts does not convince me to go out and hurt others. I live my life knowing I am whole, and the fact that I could forgive him, I know my Father in heaven forgives me for the sins I do – and as far as I know, we are human, we sin everyday!!!

Matthew 6v14-15 says :
“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins”.

After my late husband died, I went through another time consuming trial in my life. I received a call from the authority’s advising me that a case had been opened against me by my late husband’s family for poisoning their son / their brother because his illness became very sudden! One day he was ‘perfectly normal’ and the next day it seemed as though he had suffered a stroke and his illness was long and very traumatising for myself, our children and the people who were close to us.
During that time of being falsely accused, the thought of ever forgiving my late husband’s family never crossed my mind. I was furious. I was hurt, and the thought of them even fabricating a statement such as theirs was as if I was facing the devil head on in a battle!
Now, some years later, the thought of them and their heartless actions don’t consume me like it used to. They will never have a place in my life, but have I forgiven them? Yes, absolutely. If I didn’t my future would be very sad and lonely. In fact, the reason God gave me this life would be wasted if I continued to allow them to control my very existence.
They do not deserve that satisfaction!

You see, the truth is, every one of us living on this earth will get hurt. You will get hurt by the very people who love you, people you trust, people you socialise with, your best friend/s, your spouse, your children – dare I say it, even people in the ‘church’ will hurt you!
It is life. We are all human, unless you live in the jungle, you will get hurt by someone! There is no getting away from it.

1 John 1 v 9
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness”.

Acts 3 v 19
“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord”.

The day you truly learn to forgive, only then, will you be set free from the bondage that is preventing you from moving forward in your own life. Anger and hatred is the same as a disease – it eats you from the inside until you have nothing left to live for. The only person who will suffer is you – and you will suffer alone.

I urge you today, if you are holding onto past hurt. LET IT GO! Break the shackles that are binding you and walk free – for YOU. If it means confessing your forgiveness to someone – then go do it and start to move on.
Whatever is causing you to stagnate in your life, will continue to rob you for as long as you allow it to. Today is a new day. Today is the day to set yourself free and be free!
You have the right to live in peace and forgiveness.
May God give you the strength to move on. May He give you the wisdom to walk forward and enjoy the life you were so freely given. May today, you smile at the road ahead and know that you are going in the right direction – no more baggage, no more anger, just the fresh air on your face, the love of God surrounding you as you start to walk in your right to be free – you will realise how wonderful it is to truly forgive and live a happy and full existence every day of your life.
And remember, once you forgive others, YOU are FORGIVEN!

Love and God Bless,

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Expect the unexpected

How often do we wake up thinking, “What will today hold?” or “is something exciting going to happen?” and the questions fill our mind, or on the other hand, how many of us wake up dull to the world and “just do” through the day, in the same tone, the same routine, the same dredge, the same everything, day after day…?

This morning when I walked through to the bathroom I said to my husband, “I wonder what today has in store for me?” (to be truthfully honest, the question was not of interest, it was in a bored state of mind), and as I got into the shower I felt the Lord say to me, “Why do you not have an expected spirit?” Why do you not believe that “today you can expect a miracle? Today I expect the unexpected to happen and it will be good!”
It made me realize that my attitude is what usually kicks off my day – either for the negative or the positive, and it’s so easy to feed the negative approach.

A life changing experience may not happen for you today, but it does set the pace for a new and positive outlook and anything or everything could happen and you will be ready for it!
It is so easy to fall into a pit and never have the energy to climb out of it, and there are days I am sure many of us would like to dig deeper into that pit, but let’s face it, that pit is not going to get us anywhere, but to keep us exactly where we are today and forever – a stagnant life.

If your life is ‘boring’ at the moment and it’s not going the way you would like it to be, or you are too busy with work and appointments, your relationship is not going to heal, the thought of being lonely has snuck in and causing havoc in your mind, your job is unfulfilling, finances are bleeding and you have changed phoned numbers a few times to duck all the call-center calls for payments that are long over-due, your relationship with your child/ren may be strained, or the kids have left home and you are in the ‘empty nest syndrome’, health issues and the list goes on – there are a million reasons as to why you may feel like your day shouldn’t show up and be positive … but it is not true!
Through every negative thing, something good can come from it. For example, your relationship has ended. Nobody likes to face loss – nobody on this earth wants to be alone, however sad it is and you will miss that person, did it ever occur to you that God is opening a new door to something else? New opportunities, new people to meet, perhaps a life in a different town, a new house and surroundings? Sometimes our sadness stares us in the face for far too long and we live believing that the current circumstances is bare, full of burden, tearful nights and things won’t ever change. Believe me, they will.
Take the time to grieve, it is a process, but through it all keep the positive thought in the back of your mind that, this change may be the best thing for you – and hold on tight, your life has not ended! Even though in moments it feels as though it has! You are still alive!

Remember this, if you keep thinking nothing good is going to happen, you are right!
If you believe something good is going to happen – you are RIGHT! Good things will happen.
Do you know that saying, “good things attract good things and bad things attract everything that is bad”!

Let’s start beginning our day being expectant – for anything that is good! You don’t have to start living off the edge now and demand a life change in the next five minutes and if it doesn’t happen then you fall back into your ‘dull unfulfilling life’, but IF you begin expecting good news and good changes a little more every day, you will be pleasantly surprised and you will be more open to the goodness that surrounds you, but the change has to start with you! Do you want it?
Enjoy your day and when you wake up tomorrow, begin your day by living a life full of expectancy – it will be so worth it!

Love and God Bless,

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Is there a trouble maker in your life?

Yesterday my daughter was telling me that the children in her class call her the “Smiley one” because her cheeks always look as though they are going to explode! I found this quite interesting so I asked her why they call her by that name? So she says, “because I love smiling and I have something to smile about because I have Jesus!”
My heart melted. Before I could comment, she continued to say, “but there is another girl that doesn’t like me smiling. She says I have a problem and there isn’t anything to be happy about”.
Being a parent, that last sentence crushed me to the bone and I had quick visions of looking for the little girl after school and giving her a little insight into her future if she ever gave my daughter another moment’s struggle. But that thought passed quickly, and in response I said to my daughter, “That is great that you have a contagious smile. When the other little girl says anything nasty to you again, just pray for her, you don’t know what she is facing in her little life, but I promise you one thing, you may annoy her now, but she will never forget you because you symbolized something good in her somewhat sad little life”.

This verse was sent to me this morning from an amazing woman in my life. She is like my Spiritual Mother and we have walked a long road together. But the one thing that highlights in my mind every time I think of her is that she is a Mighty Prayer Warrior and I don’t think she walks further than twenty steps without her Bible in hand.

Psalm 33:10
“The Lord brings the counsel of the heathen to nought. He makes the devices (thoughts and plans) of the people of no effect.”

Remember, if you have the Lord on your side, you have the Almighty Father. He’s your stronghold in the time of trouble. No one, not one person on this earth, can overcome you no matter how powerful or successful they seem to be in the natural world.
Our God is sovereign and He reigns Supreme in your life. Today and forever.
Don’t allow the temporary success of the trouble makers disturb you – not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

I am sure many of us have experienced difficulty with another person sometime in our lives. Either in school, or a group of friends, at work, in a family situation, in your relationship or marriage, or your children may be bullied and you do not know how to ‘sort it out’, perhaps an ex is causing you emotional harm, or you have been wrongly accused, you may be out of work and have had a bad experience in the past where you feel that no one on this green earth will hire you again.
It is a bunch of lies!
Be encouraged TODAY, right NOW, that if you have the Lord on your side, you have an army already in position to fight for you and protect you! You will not be put to shame and you will get through this with victory … as the Victor is on your side.
Whatever you are facing, or have dealt with, and may still be feeling vulnerable or hurt, it is time to put it to rest. If you are still in the battle, give it over to God. He is waiting to take the burdens off your shoulders and give you the peace you so desperately seek and desire.

Have an extraordinary day and weekend! Whatever is brought to you and if you can’t handle it, hand it over to the Lord. He can bench press anything! Remember, He flexed His muscles on the cross when He died so you can live, so LIVE and do it well!

being strong

Love and God Bless,

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Stop complaining and get on with YOUR life!

“Everything YOU do is based on the choices you make.
It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame.
YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for every decision and choice you make.

If that doesn’t change your mind set a little (or a lot!) then I am not sure what will!
This is your life,
this is your day,
this is your time,
this is your season, and
this IS the time to, forget yesterday, make a change and – make it happen!

There is no time left to complain or play the blame game – and let’s face it, most of us are very good at blaming others for our mis-haps or failures!
Today is your chance to make the next step towards a brighter and happier future.
Are you going to waste it?

Enjoy your day and get out there with determination and a smile on your face.
You have everything that it takes to achieve success and be happy!

Love and God Bless,

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