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Will today be your day to realise the great in you?

I love watching Reality shows. The kids and I tuned into a show over the weekend and we found ourselves giggling our morning away. Every person that came on screen to show off their ‘talent’ was a flop! For some reason I think we just tuned into a clip that had all the crazy moments from their show rolled into one for 30 minutes! It was hilarious and needless to say, there is nothing greater than listening to your kids laugh until they can’t even talk!
As we kept watching I honestly didn’t want it to end. My hope was that for the rest of the day we would be treated to ‘funny clips’ from talented people around the world! But alas! The funny snips were over and it was way too short.
In saying that, it was amazing to see that even though we as the viewers found their mis-talent to be entertaining, these people were convinced they were the “new crowned winner”! When they were voted out, some of their responses was, “it’s okay, I won’t give up! I was born to do this! See you again next year!”
As the next series started immediately after, we were introduced to the ‘almost finalists’ in the group. They were good! They had talent and the majority of them could sing. But the part that interested me the most was that not one of them looked or sounded the same. I know you are probably thinking, “are you for real? That’s what makes us different!” And yes, I completely understand that, but the people that were in the run-in for the finals were just as confident as the first group who didn’t make the finals. When they performed they did not care who was watching them, all they knew and believed was that the reason they were still on that stage is because their belief was stronger than their failure (from the viewers). They oozed talent and they were determined to win. What amazed me more was that so many of them are still so young, which was even more radical and wonderful!

figure out why

I saw this post earlier and it confirmed what I had been thinking on Saturday. The greatest day of your life is the day you are born. As a baby we are not aware of what our future will bring, but as you grow older the outlines of your destination become more clear, or they may become shaded – it is up to you how you choose to look at the direction your life is headed, and it is up to you to change the sails if you are not satisfied, but in saying this, the other most important day in your life is the day you figure out exactly how amazing you are and the reason why you are on this earth! It is not to be brain washed into believing you need to be like someone else, and you are not in competition with another person. The reason you were born should be indication that you have a life of purpose.
If you are much different to the next person you know. Good!
Drive it! Use your personality to its fullest potential!

If you are wondering this earth to find reason for your existence, you are going to wonder for the rest of your life! No one is going to tell you what your purpose is for being here, only you can find that. Perhaps it is time to take a look at the group of friends you hang out with, their attitudes, who your family is and how important they are to support you (if you are blessed with a good family – if not, look at the people who are near to you and who you believe to be your family). Life is short, go out today and help someone – anyone, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you own, even if you don’t feel like it, go and do it, you may be surprised at what doors open for you, who you may meet, and perhaps today will be the day your whole turns around and you learn to believe exactly why you are here. Don’t waste another moment, today is the time to meet your ‘new change’!

Enjoy the rest of your day and have a blessed week.

Love and God Bless,

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Rock bottom? You may not need a life jacket… only Hope…

I read the most amazing quote last night, in fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about it because it makes so much sense – and it is so true!


How often do you hear a person say, “I have literally hit rock bottom in my life. If I went any lower I might as well be dead!” I don’t think there are many people in this world who have never experienced loss – whether it be financial, death of a loved one, being retrenched and searching for work, getting divorced / relationship break-up – no matter what you are dealt with, losing something that is worthy usually comes with a feeling of complete loss, confusion and an imbalance in lifestyle – with a negative influence.
The question that follows after the fall is, “where do I go from here?”

Some years ago my life was great. Okay, let me re-phrase that, life was financially easier then, than it is at times today.
I couldn’t have asked for anything more. My kids had both been born, watching them grow was a daily inspiration, business was lucrative, my house increased in size with non stop building and renovations as time went on, the cars I drove were of good value, holidays were enjoyed, shopping was a daily experience while enjoying a lavish lifestyle and items of clothing filled my cupboards, food was of the finest quality – and in saying that I realise how much food we actually wasted, and so the “good life” list goes on. But you may know the saying, “nothing in life lasts forever!”
I could say that is true, but not entirely. Of course I enjoyed the exciting life style. I lived with an over flow of enthusiasm and joy! Even though most things in life come with a price tag, I did not care to worry. I lived for the day, and barely thought tomorrow would take a different turn – for the worst. But it did.
Life threw me one massive curve ball. I had to learn quickly how to clear the hurdles without being injured, and when I did fall, I had to get up and carry on with life’s race. I think the hardest pain to bare was witnessing the days my personal belongings were removed from my possession – out of my control. Everything that we had worked so hard for, the material possessions that gave us so much joy, were no longer ours to own. In truth, they never really did belong to me because I was still in debt paying them off! Day by day my life became an empty shell that became bigger, darker and deeper.

When I look back now I am not the same person I was then. As difficult as it was to hit rock bottom, I learnt a valuable lesson in life. I learnt what it is like to be truly grateful – even for the smallest things. I learnt to forgive. I learnt to take time with the good things, cry over the sad, and let go of the unimportant. At times I think I have cried a thousand rivers and perhaps wanted to drown in some of them, but beyond the heartache came the joy. When I was at the lowest point of my life, when I did not think anything could be worse, it was then that I chose to get up and continue moving forward. The steps were slow, but the direction was one way – only forward. There were days I walked with my head held high and then there were days I felt like the rot sinking to the bottom of the ocean, but through it all, my choice to live and succeed was stronger than my will to die defeated.
There are many success stories around the world where people have lost everything. There are also the traumatic instances where some have taken their own life because they could not see hope, or their own self worth. Others have failed in the process of choosing to take their own life. And where are many of these people today? Top of the charts, living their dream and besides all of that, they are living the life they were truly destined to live!

So I will ask you this question, “if you have reached rock bottom in your life, what do you choose to change your life, and circumstances today?” Do you want to give up? Or do you want to pick up those crutches which may help you along until you have more strength to walk on your own two feet – live with hope, and have victory in your life?
I urge you to take control of your life. The past, the present and your future. It is not over – your life is not over, in fact, if you have hit rock bottom, you have every opportunity to create a new lifestyle for yourself. A new future. There is nothing more to lose, except more wasted time. If your choices and attitude is positive you have life to gain, and in abundance.
May God give you the strength every day to see yourself the way He sees you. You are worth it, and you have as much reason to be on this earth than the next person does. You have been created in pure perfection, it is time to get up and rebuild your life on a solid foundation and live your life.

Love and God Bless,

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What do YOU honestly think about yourself?

“You never get away from you. And so really, the way you feel about yourself is much more important than the way anybody else feels about you. And the way you think about yourself is more important than the way anybody else thinks about you. And the way you talk about yourself is more important than the way anybody else talks about you”. – Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Easier said than done. Am I correct? It is easy to read this and agree whole heartedly – as it is true, but how many of us actually believe these words to be true for our own self worth?
Often a person will say, “I really don’t care what others think about me”, but deep down, you do! Why? Because nobody wants to feel as though they are not good enough. Nobody wants to feel they are inferior to the next person. Why? Because each and every person on this planet, wants and needs, to be treated fairly and respected by the next person.

Living an existence purely trying to please someone else may work, temporarily, to suit the other person’s needs or lifestyle, but in the end, it is a recipe for disaster. There is no time like the present. There is no one better than you. Stop being so hard on yourself with your mistakes, and your past – live your future in freedom and give it the best you have got. If you have been spoken to in a harsh manner by others – clear the air, apologise and let it go. If you are doing the best you can to improve, and it is your best – focus on something else to ease your mind.
If the kids are giving you a difficult time – call a time out. Do whatever it takes to bring your mind back to where you need it to be to continue living a fulfilling life. For both you and the kids. Your kids need you, so ensure you take the time you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle – you are no good to them if you burn out. In fact, you will be no good to anyone.
If you are experiencing relationship issues and it just doesn’t seem to get better – perhaps stop playing the blame game on each other. Focus on what you both want, in order to move forward. It is easy to quit, but will that make you both happy? If there are pressures on either party, isn’t it time you both move forward, one step in front of each other, holding each other’s hands – in unity, and believing that you are both in it for the long run?
Stop belittling one another. Stop the criticism. Stop trying to be something you are not.
However, in the same breath, don’t ever stop trying to be a better partner – in order to help both of you. No marriage will survive, or thrive, in its full potential if only one is continuously giving and the other is sitting back expecting things to change, still pointing fingers.

If I am speaking to you right now, then I hope you will take just a little bit of what I am saying and start to truly believe in yourself. You are in your life for the rest of your life! Deal with it! There is nothing wrong with YOU. There may be a few cracks and tears here and there, but allow yourself time to heal. A master piece takes time in order for it to be a master piece! You were created for a wonderful purpose in this world, so start acting on it. Let the past be behind you. If you fail, pick yourself up again. If you think the world looks at you in anger or ridicule – who cares? Seriously? Who cares? For no one is perfect, and don’t forget that truth. IF you have negative thoughts, and continue to hold onto anger and doubt, delete it, crush it, work on it each day until you have won victory over that lie in your head. If you can not do it alone, get connected with positive people who will help you through it, and remind you of your true worth. There is no time to quit, and there is no time to allow lies to filter into your mind. Not yesterday, not NOW, not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

Let’s take this week into a new level of power point existence. True living – for now – forever. Be true to your loved ones, but don’t take all the pressure upon yourself. If you are in a family – work together, that is what family is for – unite together and stick together.
Enjoy your new week, and a start to a new month. Don’t let another year sieve past you, while you are still caught in the middle with no clue where you are going or what you are equipped to do. This is your turn, this is your life, this is your journey – speak life into your soul, start believing it, and be proud of who you are!

Love and God Bless,

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Breaking down your barrier wall

Often in life, usually after a negative or traumatic personal experience, a person starts to build up a wall to enable a protection against him/her for future incidences. ‘For just encase it happens again!’ If you have been hurt by a spouse who has cheated on you, and you find yourself in another relationship down the line, that person will seem super to you – when you just friends, but bearing in mind that wall hasn’t been broken down. As time goes on and the relationship reaches another level, the wall of hurt rears its ugly head, it is invisible to the outside human eye, but to you, behind the scene of truth it will always be there.
Am I right?
Let’s use another example. Perhaps you attended church for a couple of years. You poured your heart and soul out for the congregation. Until one day, someone in the congregation breaks the “Christian Oath” – and you ‘catch him’ drinking excessively out of the ‘churches eye’, (are you reading the scenario I am painting here?) On the Sunday you walk into church only to see this SAME person clapping, laughing, singing the tunes, raising his hands and in reality you are no longer focused on why you came to church that morning, but your mind is doing hop scotch in your brain and you are thinking, “wow, is this oke for real? Two days ago he was drinking and swearing and today he is acting like a real hypocrite! How dare he!” You become obsessed with his human behaviour, you forget how great his personality really was previous to your shocking revelation of his ‘double sided life’, and it seems that everyone in the church now has a default-scam out of their Sunday routine.
After some time their faults are larger than life and you leave the church. Hurt, and bewildered with shame and anger.
The next church is the same. People are friendly in the beginning, after time their faults start shining through and you leave the church, because the church has let you down… again! Why does every church you attend let you down?
Let me tell you with a simple (but truthful) answer, “Because people are the church! People make mistakes! People lie! People will let you down! In other words, people sin! People are not perfect!”
Years down the line you find yourself begrudging every “Christian” because they go to church and you don’t trust them because they a bunch of hypocrites! That barrier wall has been raised a little higher in your mind. As time goes on, that wall continues to build itself up, one block at a time, until there is no way anyone can get close enough to you without your unconscious doubt or fears knocking on the wall, to add another block to the existing increasing wall – which is closed because it’s always under construction!

We find ourselves living a lonely existence as time goes on because we won’t allow ourselves to trust anyone again. You know, “because everyone is out to get me”, and this is the lie we live with, and ultimately start to believe. How very sad.
If you are in agreement with me, I am sure you are starting to think back to your past about the people who have hurt you, and the trauma you may have faced over the years. Perhaps you were abused as a little girl, and today as an adult, every older man you see who walks this earth IS going to abuse a little girl or boy! Am I right?
I may be right with your personal negative thoughts and ideas, but you (and I) are so wrong about choosing to believe every older gentleman is a walking paedophile.
Or, every man / woman you meet will cheat on you.
Or, every church is infested with hypocrites…
Generalisation is like a hand grenade, we hold it long enough until we feel it’s time to pull the pin and wait for an explosion – it is our diversion to enable us to hide in our place of safety, and in truth, keep building the wall of ‘protection’ around us.

A few months ago I had a dream. It was as clear as the day is long.
In my dream I saw this house which was built on the corner of the street. It was a beautiful house, and as I walked past it I was in ore of the surroundings. The garden was maintained, the windows were clean, the paint was fresh and it was just beautiful. It stood strong. I watched other people walk passed it and look at how beautifully presented this house was. As I walked passed the house again, it had a high wall around its perimeter. I remember in my dream I felt anxious about this silly wall that was hiding the beautiful house which I was able to view earlier on in my dream. People walked passed the house and just kept walking – there was no beautiful view, just a long road ahead. By the time I walked around the house again, I noticed the wall had been lowered, by this stage I could stand on my ‘tippy toes’ and see into the garden again, I felt a little more at peace that this house was once again in view for all to see. The last moments of my dream, as I walked around the wall had been completely broken down and I was delighted to see that anyone and everyone could view the beautiful manicured house and its garden once again.

Peculiar dream, I know, but it really made me feel anxious, and I wondered why on earth I would spend my sleep dreaming about a house and a wall! I prayed about it, and God revealed this to me.
“The house represents your life. When I created you, I made you beautiful. I want the world to see YOU as you are. As I see YOU. As time went on, the hurt of the world caused you pain, and the wall you see around the house symbolises the wall you have built around your heart. You have built it so high that nobody is able to see through or over it to know your true beauty, as I created you to be. Nobody is able to know your heart because you have built a solid wall around it. As you begin to draw closer to ME, and know that the world will let you down, but believe, I will NEVER hurt you, forsake you or leave you, the wall will come down like a ton of bricks and your beauty will shine again for all to see – you will live your life, given to you by me in complete love, joy, acceptance and peace. You will love yourself as I love you”.

There are moments in my life when I look around and see the beauty in my family and friends closest to me, and the love I have for my amazing husband and children. I realise how grateful I am to have them in my life. I love them for everything they are to me – faults and all. After all, isn’t that what unconditional love is all about? But the sadness comes when I battle to understand how anyone could truly love me, for ME! I find it easier to push them to aside and keep them at arm’s length because it is easier to live like that so I don’t, can’t or won’t get hurt again. How sad is it to live my own life, with the beautiful people I share it with, in absolute fear of being hurt again, instead of spending the days on this earth being loved and enjoy being loved by the people who mean the most to me, with all that life has to offer. How much time have I wasted on such useless thoughts?

If you haven’t been to church in years because the ‘church hurt you’ 20 + years ago, well, all I can say is, perhaps you the one in the wrong to have judged those people in the first place! A building can’t hurt you, and a church is another word for the ‘people who make up the church’, and people are human – people live in sin, which means, they have faults just like you! Let’s face reality, you don’t stop going to work because your boss dislikes you! You carry on working! So why stop going to church because you feel as though someone let you down or offended you? People will never stop making mistakes, and not every Christian is or will be a hypocrite! So let’s break down that wall of false and broken expectations and move forward! Sunday is around the corner, maybe it is time to get the family rounded up and go blast the tunes again – for the right reasons, of course, and not spend the hour looking around the congregation to see who is doing what and who is wearing what! (And yes, we are all guilty of it!) There is nothing more heartier than singing your heart out on a Sunday morning, releasing that vented frustration from the past week (or years!) and realise no one can actually hear you sing the wrong words or out of tune!

I don’t know about you, but I think it is time for break through in our life! It is time that wall of self destruction finally comes tumbling down and we start walking over those rocks laying beneath our feet instead of those rocks weighing us down. Every day.
God created you in His ultimate perfection. You are His vision, His glory, His love. The past is the past, stop looking back, you are not going that way. Allow your creation to be a perfect view for all to see. It is time for you (for me) to live in complete happiness and in fullness. It is time for a well deserved life, from today going forward. So what do you say about that?

Have a wonderful weekend. And for what it is worth, enjoy Church on Sunday. Times change, people change, church buildings become more modern with the latest technology, but remember our God is NEVER changing! He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! Feast on His goodness, and live your deserved and most cherished life all the days you have left to live! Give it all you got, and if you feel the urge coming on, sing until your heart bubbles over with joy and have fun!

Love and God Bless,

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Respect your Body – It’s THAT Simple!

My daughter received a vest shirt from a friend of mine yesterday. On the front it read : “No Boyfriend. No Drama”. When she came to show me that the vest fitted and I saw the words high lighted boldly on the front, my first thought was, “oh cute!” Then, reality hit home in drastic speed… I actually didn’t like the words on the vest at all! Nothing about those words was cute! Our daughter is 9 years old! Boyfriends are for when they are 18 years, or 25 years and older. I kept my wits about me and didn’t say anything to her. I thought, “okay, well I guess she is only 9 and it means nothing, maybe it will be useful vest to wear around the house”.
This morning getting ready for work, the kids had a day planned out with my parents (as they are still on holiday), my daughter came strolling through with this ‘new vest’ on! Frankly I could not move my eyes away from the “no boyfriend” written on vest. It was making me all anxious, in fact I started itching and feeling all clammy around my neck. Politely I asked her if there was nothing else she felt like wearing as she should dress smartly for the day. My request must have worked, as she came back to the kitchen a few minutes later with one of her lovely summer dresses on. Looking so pretty – I relaxed immediately. I no longer needed to glaze my body with powder to prevent further sweating.

Driving to work questions raced through my mind. Was I over-reacting? Am I too old fashioned? Should I get more involved with the modern times? Will I need to take strong medication one day to help me cope when our kids reach the teenage years? I couldn’t concentrate. I was anxious. I mean, I do not want my kids growing up thinking they should suit up and not reveal any flesh… actually, come to think of it, it’s not a bad thought…. I may need to look into that suit! But in reality, our kids are great. They are cautious, full of energy, have great humour and love the Lord. With all the positive attributes towards our kids, it is still a wide open world, for anyone, at any age.
As I started calming down and no longer feeling too alienated from real life, I realised that I am not the first parent to freak out slowly while watching their child grow. It is like being in the front row seat experiencing your child’s change and development in body, mind and character, witnessing their chosen styles and dress sense, see who their friends are and what type of friends they choose to socialise with. After all, parenting is not always easy, and having children is a life long ‘contract’. You can not be a parent when you feel like it, it’s a 24/7 job with huge responsibilities – and headaches! (clearly)…

The news, magazines, internet, television, and radio – every social media is flooded with teens or adults who are on drugs, in rehabs fighting alcohol, drugs or food related abuse, unwanted pregnancies and abortions, and my heart aches. The question I ask myself is, is it always the parents fault when their children relish in a rebellious lifestyle? I have often heard people comment when a child is naughty, “it isn’t the child’s fault he/she is naughty. It is the parent’s fault”. I beg to differ. It is like saying, “if a teenager agrees to be active in sexual activities from an early age, his/her choice was not their own, but his/her parent’s should be made responsible for their child’s incorrect choice and behaviour”! In saying this, I also understand each family lives with a different value system. Sadly in some homes, parents’ values are non-existent, in cases like this, I believe, it is not always the child who is at fault for incorrect choices and mis-managed behaviour.
I do not want to high light right and wrong values, or beliefs. I am not here to judge a person’s household or the way in which a parent chooses to teach their children, but what I do want to stress upon today, is for the ladies (rich or poor, if you come from a settled home life or not – whatever your circumstance is), it will be same advice throughout the world : “Take care of your Body”! It belongs to no one else, but you. If the youngsters you know at school are ‘doing it’, please don’t follow in their activities! If everyone in your social group is ‘doing it’ – please don’t feel obligated to be part of the same group or act on their standards. It is not worth it! Having sex does not mean being in love. Having different sexual partners to be ‘cool and popular’ is not clever – it is stupid! Choosing to have sex to get a boyfriend does not guarantee you a partner – I will tell you this, he will stay around for the activities, but he is not interested in you as a person. Once the deed is done and he walks out the door, expect the fact that he is unlikely to answer your calls until he is ready to make his next booty-call at 2am in the morning – he is in charge because you have accessed that right for him to own.
(By no means am I generalising and saying “all men” will do this to a woman. There are some wonderful men on this earth – these men will not treat you like you are ‘cheap’. They will treat you in kindness and love, the way you deserve to be treated – every day of your life).

Ladies, respect and cherish your God given body and God made beauty – inside and out. A woman is a beautiful masterpiece. Use your beauty with caution and wisdom. You have been created as a Masterpiece, whether you believe it or not. If you feel damaged and unworthy, I will tell you today – change your negative thinking and attitude! Every person on this earth is damaged in some way, if we were not, we would be perfect and I don’t know about you, but I for one, have never met a perfect person yet, and doubt I ever will! If your past has been ‘adventurous and oozing in lust’ – change, today! You will be delighted in your new healthy choice and life style, because one day when you do meet your ‘special someone’, he will be so worth your wait!

Be encouraged! Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t feel pressured into sharing in the pool of infectious diseases, lust and abuse. Trust me… you are way more precious and worthy than that! Keep yourself clean and prepare yourself for true love, and in the mean time, enjoy living life believing there is a wonderful and valuable journey ahead of you – I promise you, you will find true happiness! Be patient and enjoy who you are.

Love and God Bless,

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What have you decided to do different for this year?

We are still in the New Year ‘hype’ of festivities! People are still talking about their new year resolutions, healthy eating has kicked off, holiday makers are making the most of what’s left of their vacation, the Christmas cake is almost finished and it seems as though some of our clothes have shrunk in the wash for some reason.
There is so much a person can talk about once the New Year celebrations have ended, and then life continues, routine is picked up once again, friends and family go home and your house is empty, quiet and the washing and cleaning needs to be conquered slowly. As we wait in anticipation for the Season to begin, the realisation is once everything is over life has to go back to normal. Ordinary life takes over and we set our pace for the new year to do it all over again.

So my question to you is, “What have you decided to do different for this year?” Have you got any plans that you would like to get started once ‘life gets back to normal habits’? Something that you have always wanted to do, but never quite made the first step? I have certainly made my list (not too long – but it is manageable and achievable), and to be perfectly honest, my first mind set change is to start living one day at a time and stop ‘jumping the gun’ to keep living in the future and ask “what if” all the time. My number 1 priority is to really enjoy my life, each day – and be grateful for everyone around me. The rest of my list includes plans for myself and my family, which I am really excited about.

make u happy

Perhaps this is the year you will give up smoking or excessive drinking habits, reduce the intake of sleeping pills or anti depressants – focus you YOU, a change in career might be something you hope for, book that make over you have wanted to do, take that helicopter ride or the bungee jump, open the savings account, travel to a destination you have always dreamed of visiting, study further or study for the first time. Whatever it is, start planning for it TODAY!
I would like to encourage each of us to choose something that will change us in a positive way and of course, better our self for this year to prepare and make way for a happier, healthier and secure future.
It is in your reach, if you have dreamt it, you have already achieved it.

Enjoy the next year of opportunities prepared for you. It may not always be easy or feel rewarding, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Love and God Bless,

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Hello 2015…!


I hope you are ready for new things to come. Whatever your plans are, may you keep them alive and work towards making your dreams come true; if you are thinking about travel – start the planning and preparations now – don’t put it off for another day; if you thinking of studying for a course or furthering your degree – go for it! If you are starting this new year FOR YOU and looking for a health fix – get addicted to the gym, it is the best addiction you could ever feel motivated for.
Work extra hard at work, you never know if that promotion is around the corner.
Whatever it is that you are planning, work harder – make it happen.
2013 was practice
2014 was warm up
2015 IS “GAME ON”!

As you go into this new year, Keep the faith – God is right beside you and He does not want you walking alone. Hand Him your troubles and walk light, there is no need to carry the burdens on your shoulders anymore. Live free, live in peace, enjoy what is destined for you. YOU are so worth it.
Count your blessings, and as I always say, “think positive and boot the negative!” There is no time for it.

I wish you and your family health, wealth, an increase in wisdom, family unity, loads of laughter, strong friendships, much love and God’s mighty hand upon your life.

Love and God Bless,

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Stop living with the ‘blame game’!

There was an article published some time ago where two siblings were interviewed. The one sibling had found fame, family and a good life style – the other sibling, did not believe his future could change for the better because of his “childhood upbringing”. Both siblings lived in the same house growing up, with the same parents, however both made their own choice for the future! One choice was made to improve himself and live a better life, and the other chose to blame his parents for his childhood and chose to bring his past into his present life style.

I am sure each of you know where I am going with this. There is usually something in our life that will come to challenge us and sometimes the easiest way to try fix it, or shift the problem out the way, is to blame someone or circumstances for the trouble you are facing, or continue to live with.

I remember chatting to a friend and she complained bitterly that every relationship she entered into turned out the same – she had a turnover of men literally on a monthly basis! Curiosity always got the better of me as to where she met her partners! (for some reason I never asked!) The reasons were either he was problematic and had severe issues, or he was not over his ex, or he liked being with his friends over the weekends, or he was not romantic – there was always a problem with the guy in her life – but she was never at fault! However it did not stop her from meeting other men and trying out new possibilities. Personally I found it quite exhausting to keep updated with her love interest, but she was never happy!
As time has gone on, I have come to the conclusion that if you have tried something over and over again and it is not working for you, surely there should come a time in your life where you change sails and head in a new direction?
If you are getting into the same relationships, with the same type of people, perhaps it isn’t them that have the issues – it might be you. I mean no disrespect (“and the truth shall set you free!”), but by some chance, maybe the type of people you are entertaining do not peek your interest at the best of times, and for some reason you feel comfortable socialising in the same groups time and time again, so maybe you should consider venturing out to different places and a new personality in a relationship is what you really need! Or maybe, stop dating for a while, get to enjoy who you are and once you are in love with the beautiful person facing you in the mirror, maybe then it will be time to enjoy meeting new and more interesting people, and who will love you for You! Every person on this earth is deserving of true and healthy love.
This is just a typical example of living life with the ‘blame game’. There are many reasons why a person finds it easy to blame someone else for his/her mistakes or the direction in which they choose to travel through life. If no changes are made to better yourself, you can not complain!

If you are tired of the same life style, if you are still waking up and blaming your parents for your upbringing, or ex husband/wife who hurt you – maybe it is time to set sails with the wind and change your course of direction. Leave the negative vibe in the past – let it go. The new year is in full steam ahead, if you are breathing then there is still wind in your sails – go for it, LIVE!
Take a bold step, go to different places, change your hair style, your fashion! Whatever suits your needs and your budget and make the little changes.

There is a wonderful saying that says, “to live out of the ordinary, we need to do something extraordinary!” Change begins within us. It is that simple.

Enjoy the rest of your day and let’s get excited for what the new year is bringing TO AND FOR YOU!

Love and God Bless,

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The inner strength of a Woman


The other evening after work, while I was busy doing the washing, cooking dinner, making lunches for school (for the next day), doing the dishes, homework – let’s just say I was hot and bothered! I didn’t feel like doing any of it but if I didn’t do it, who was going to? I was about to mumble something really nasty ‘out loud’ to my family, who were positioned perfectly in the lounge having a rest and waiting for me to help with Homework … and calling me every 3 minutes – and counting! I paused for a moment and instead of freaking out completely I was so grateful I was alive, with my family, and able to do my chores. Yes, okay ladies, don’t freak out with my words, but to be honest, this feeling of content came over me and I was grateful to be the woman God called to look after the precious people in my life and who live with me in my Home!
Not to mention I was exhausted by the time I got into bed, but it is all in a day’s work and my family were satisfied, healthy and loved – everyday! I am blessed.

Today I would like to honour all the woman in our life. Today is not about the negative, or your past – whether it was good or bad, it is merely to cherish each and every woman reading this post, and all the special woman in your own life – the woman who have made a significant difference in your life.
We often forget to realise our worth. The Lord made woman to be a vital role in this life. Going back to the beginning of time, after Adam was created the Lord realised he would be lonely so He created Adam a partner, he took the rib of Adam, created Eve and breathed fresh life into her. A woman has been called to live alongside her husband, and if you are not married and single, you have a wonderful purpose on this earth and God has a great future planned for you.

No matter what you have experienced, remember :
You are here today
YOU are precious in His sight
You make a difference to people around (whether you believe it or not)
You are beautiful (I am talking to You – be reminded of your true beauty)
The Lord has created YOU for a purpose, His plan will be fulfilled in your life – believe it!
And, Believe the best is still to come!
Never give up on your goals! They are in your reach.

“And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail” (Isaiah 58v11)

Today is about YOU! Thank you for the amazing job you are doing. Your work will never go un-noticed, and your reward will come.
In honour of you, take a little time out and go Pamper yourself! You so deserve it, and if husband’s are reading this, well, you know what to do for the special Lady in your life!

Be proud to be a woman. You have been created with strength, beauty, and you are able to get up after you fall – still with respect and determination for the next challenge you have been equipped to conquer.
Thank YOU for being a beautiful woman!

Love and God Bless,

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Stop hanging on to GUILT!

Guilt. A feeling many of us carry with us day to day, week after week, months, years later and by the time we look back we are still harboring the same thoughts, feelings and questions because of an action which was taken so long ago. Time wasted over negative thoughts and “should have or should not have” decisions – whatever the reason for doing what a person did or didn’t do has a reason for the choice which was made in that moment. Raw truth…the past is done, it is history. No time can give a re-play to change the decision or action you made.
So why do so many of us carry the baggage and burdens for so long afterwards?
Guilt is often related to a wrong decision we thought was right at the time. Or a choice made by an individual and the repercussions had a negative outcome. However, if the decision was made and it was correct, then for obvious reasons guilt would not play much in different or better circumstances – unless through the actions a person was emotionally hurt, or other reasons that may have played a negative part during the course of action.

Life has a way of taking us through different obstacles, challenging a person to make decisions, moving house or jobs, choosing to share your life and have a family or live the single life only – whatever the reason is, or the course of action which is taken appeals to the individual in the present time of their life which may have a positive or negative impact in their later years. But how would a person know unless they go through the process and live life? Why choose to hold onto the negative if it doesn’t happen the way you hoped or planned it would or should have? Surely during the time after making the decision there were lessons learnt, life changing events occurred, perhaps new people were met along the way and played an influential part in your life?
Whatever the reasons are for what you did before should not change the fact which is that YOU are living TODAY. Nobody lives a perfect life and nobody should be blamed, or hold the blame for actions that were taken previously. No matter what the outcome is.
I read a story once about a young lady who was so bitter about her life journey she chose to take ten years previously. To say the least, her relationship failed and she chose to return to the country she once lived before. No matter what the ten years held, she could not find anything positive to say about her failed journey in life. Her words were proof enough that she could not wait to put her wasted past behind her. Personally for me, I was more saddened that for ten years she could not recall one wonderful moment she shared or remember the wonderful people she had made connections with.
I doubt there is one person on this earth who has achieved everything they have ever wanted to do in their life without one (or a few) failure/s along the way!

When I look back at my past, there is not one thing I would want to change. There are no more or less words I would like to say to anyone because no matter what has happened in my life I did what I felt was necessary and right at the time – some wrong actions were self made, some were out of my control, but through everything I learnt to truly love my own life. To live one day at a time and to be grateful for another day I have been given to live – and make better. Can I say that my life is perfect? Absolutely not! Can I say that I hope for the rest of my days I will do only what is right? Maybe! But for what it is worth, no matter what comes my way I can only hope I will be ready and prepared (with wisdom) for the plans which lie ahead for me and my family’s future.

If you live in a time warp filled with guilt and you can’t see yourself moving past the decisions you once made to try make your life more beneficial or perhaps the decisions you made were for selfish reasons, I urge you to start making your wrongs – Right. It is never too late. Do not delay anymore precious time thinking of ‘what could have been’, perhaps the truth is, it really wasn’t meant to be. If you have a failed relationship and you feel you can not move on being alone, I will tell you today, “YOU CAN! There are wonderful people out there who will find the true value in your self worth.”
If you have been a parent who works 16 hours a day and barely see your kids, it is not too late to make amends now and be a part of their life – to have the relationship you all richly deserve.
The first step towards losing the guilt, is to learn to forgive yourself. To live in harmony with who you are, after all, you are only human – there is no device that has an on / off switch to help make right and wrong decisions for us – choices are made, life is to be lived and if there are wrong choices along the way, there are no U-turns, but there is definitely a chance to correct yourself and make the rest of the road much happier!
Life starts today, with YOU!

Love and God Bless,

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