In the quiet times, draw your strength

I think the hardest season in life is when we feel we are stagnant. Where nothing is happening, nothing is changing, the routine is so mundane, work is the same, the people around you are the same… well you get my point, there is no change! And it seems like this is it! This is your life, forever!
Lately I have been feeling like this. I scroll through my social media and all I see is people having the time of their lives and it feels like I am sitting on a stump, watching from the back ground, and I feel like sulking!
The other day, I saw this post come up and it literally spoke into my core. I realised that no matter what happens in life, we are never forgotten. No matter what happens in your life, the plan that is planned ultimately for you will come to pass, no matter how fast or slow the pace may be, it will happen.

So, I have been thinking, instead of sitting in the back ground scrolling through my social media feeds with an angry (or annoyed) heart, it is time I take those feelings and change it to something good, more positive. The new will come, the goals will be achieved, and through it all, all I have to do is keep trusting in the Lord, continue doing my best at work, set up new goals that I would like to work towards and focus on my family – in turn everything else will fall into place, provided my attitude changes and I see the positive in my daily routine, which can at times, be rather dull, but for what it is worth, as God reminded me this morning while I was driving to work, “today is exactly what I need. Today I have exactly who I need in my life” and as I continued praying I realised how right He is.
Today is a good day and no matter what happens, no matter who comes against me in a negative way, it is OK, because the Lord of all is with me and He guides my every step.

Today if you are feeling flat, if you are feeling like tomorrow has no hope, take this time and draw your strength for what is to come, do not lose focus on your dreams, your studies, your children, the promotion – God has it all taken care of. You just keep doing what you doing, be patient, try keep your cool and not lose your rag over the smallest things (which is not always easy to control… especially if you are a Mom!), but above all, keep yourself together… Breakthrough is near, get your strength together and put on your happy smile and kick that false attitude to the curb… your change is near!


Have an awesome day.
Love and God Bless,

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