It’s a new day

I hope this day finds you well.
Life has been a roller coaster of late. I can’t even remember the last time I logged on to write!
Wouldn’t you agree with me that each day something is happening to remind us of something negative, either there are countries experiencing floods, or there are water restrictions, the country is on edge with a new government election, people are being tortured and hurt, or babies are born with defects, divorce is on the rise, children are not getting the correct education, drugs are a constant threat in society, crime is increasing … it just doesn’t seem to end! No matter which social feeds we are linked to, there is something happening, often worse situations than good.

But, as I am not a lover of the negative I would like to remind you of this…Something more positive for your own life…
NO matter what is happening around you…
“Sometimes you fall off the wagon for months. Sometimes you tell yourself you are going to start fresh on Monday and by Wednesday you have already fallen back off. Sometimes you have to restart a 100 times and it’s frustrating. BUT, it will all be okay.
You can do this.
One day at a time is all you need”.


No matter what you are facing – it doesn’t matter if it’s your own fault that you can’t turn things around for the positive or it’s your surroundings that are causing you frustration, whatever the reason, you have today to begin again.
Do not hold onto the past, and stop blaming others. IF you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one.
But in the process, be kind to yourself, and remember, if God has brought you to it, He will guide you through it.

May your day be extra fruitful and be happy. There is always something to be grateful for.

Love and God bless,

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