Love, Love me too!

So the trend for this day is “Love is in the air!” Right? Well, not always!

Growing up I never received a Valentines Card! When I think about it now I wonder how on earth that happened!!! But it is the truth, I never got anything – until I was in my late twenties. (Yes, I battle to believe it too!!!) My dad would walk with me to our post box each year (probably secretly praying that this year it would be different), and usually there was a letter for my sister, but never for me. I pretended to not let it worry me, but deep down, Yes! You guessed it, I was heart broken, but would still manage to walk inside with a smile, while my Dad would go put the kettle on and say, “hope you making!”.
As the years went on and I got older, Valentine’s Day was celebrated with friends. It seemed different, and as I reached adulthood I became my own Valentine, to myself.
Eventually the year arrived and there was a card for me! With the spoils and surprises, and of course I was over excited (I think my dad was more thrilled than anyone else!), but the truth was, I had learnt to enjoy Valentines Day as it should be – with myself, the people who love me most and that is really what it is all about!
If you are blessed with a super Valentine – enjoy him or her, but if not, don’t get all glum about it, in truth the first love should begin with you.

As the years have gone on, I was blessed to share many Valentines Days with my sweetheart, and then for some years I had no one. Life went back to my first love – it was “Me”. And again I have a Valentine and it is great, but in truth, it should begin with You, first – never forget that You come first.

If you dread this day or pray for it to just be over, or free yourself from the social media so you don’t have to see who is being spoilt with what and from whom, that is okay, but if there is something I can add to this day for you, it will be this… “Today, you are alive. Allow no one to steal your joy. You are you and there is no one better than You!” And today doesn’t have to be the only day to celebrate Love, if today for you has passed, tomorrow is another day and so is the next!

My son came to me this morning looking quite sad. I asked him what was wrong and why he was walking around the lounge so much, it was as though he had forgotten to do something, and he came up to me and whispered, “Mom, I should have made a card for her. But in a way I am glad I didn’t encase she doesn’t like me”!
Honestly, it didn’t excite me too much knowing my son is already thinking about making cards for a girl (well, at least he didn’t ask me for money!!!) but after watching him pace around I said to him quietly, “It doesn’t matter Boy. Today is not the only day you have to make anyone feel good about themselves. Tomorrow is another day.”

If you are blessed to be spoilt rotten with all the treats and gifts… enjoy them. You have clearly earned the right to be spoilt by a great love, but if you have not been lavished by another love, then treat yourself and go crazy. It is okay!

And from me to you, my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day. Be blessed knowing that you are good enough and if you are still waiting for your partner, be at peace, God is always on time! He knows what and who is best for you, so in the mean time enjoy you and surround yourself with people who love you for you too!

Love and God Bless,

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