Marriage… Doesn’t have to be an empty box

Someone once told me, “Marriage throughout the years has not changed. It is the people IN the marriage who change”…

Marriage is unique to each person, to every couple, to every family. As individuals we all have different beliefs, needs, morals, each person has been brought up differently and that in itself is a challenge when meeting the “right person”, however, marriage in itself still has the same understanding and respect today as it did hundreds of years ago.


If you are married – a short or long time, if you are thinking of marriage, this post will be for you today. Wherever your marriage is today with your partner, there is always room for improvement. A good marriage has sometimes stood the hardest battles, and it is sometimes easier to fall short and cut the lose ends instead of tightening your bond and walking forward in strength and unity.

This is your day to start (or continue) with an even better marriage! It has to begin with you. Love never fails, however, we as individuals do, every day!
Perhaps today is YOUR day to start filling that box with all the good things your marriage is destined to have and for you and your spouse to share the beauty marriage has for you… what marriage is truly all about! Enjoy it and enjoy your spouse…

Have an awesome evening and let’s get real!

Love and God Bless,

Speak the truth, and never apologise for telling the truth

How often do we tell a ‘white lie’ so we don’t hurt someone else’s feelings? Or think if we hold the truth it will be better for the end result?
The plain and raw truth is, the truth will always come to surface, no matter which way we try to hide it or think we are protecting others.
Save the trouble and tell the truth from the beginning!

Ok, in all fairness, how we speak the truth can be toned down. Sometimes I am blamed for being too blunt or ‘too short’ with my words and answers. For that, I can definitely work on. There is a fine line of telling the truth, and hurting someone with the truth by our words, or in the way we speak out the truth.

For the last few days this word “Truth” has been laying on my mind. On social feeds and out of the mouths of mankind we often hear the word “karma” will come to you, sometime in your life you will get what you deserve, or the wheel turns slowly, but it turns.
You get what I am saying.
Personally I do not believe in the word “karma”. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and each of us will face our judgement day, for me, that is “karma” enough, all on its own!
But, I do understand that perhaps it is easier to relate to a “thing, a word, called karma” and trusting (hoping) that each person who may hurt you will have their day in suffering – a way of pay back. Maybe that is also a way to work through the pain, I don’t know.

But this word Truth. What does it mean to you? How much truth do you use in your daily life? For example, your day to day lifestyle, the people you come into contact with, your diet – health, looking after your children, speaking to your children, are you honest with your day at work – the times you work, honesty towards your boss, to your spouse?, on the internet – perhaps sites that you browse for your own entertainment – would they be suitable for your spouse and/or kids to watch with you?, the monthly ‘clean fun’ Ladies nights out, the whatsapp chats with your friends or your Facebook account?, telling your parents where you are going or where you were over the weekend, telling your teacher the truth about your homework which was in fact not done on time…
These are just a few examples where our truth may bubble over each day. Does your truth lie within your parameters for real life living, or is it at boiling over / past boiling point where you have to think of a reason, or answer before you actually speak?
These common little exaggerations that work better for us don’t last, and they are no good for anyone. Telling a story and high lighting the exaggeration slightly doesn’t always fare well in the end.
Sometimes you may be the story if you do not watch your words and speak carefully from the beginning to end.

This is a funny thing to talk about, especially for a Friday, but it is so relevant in our day to day lives. Lies hurt people. They also torture our very own soul.
Lies also break a very solid favourite in any relationship – TRUST. On EVERY level.

This morning as I arrived at work I was placed in a situation by my colleague to ‘bend the truth’ slightly in order for us to leave work earlier today. I mean who really wants to work a full day on a Friday especially when the weekend is just a taste away?
Well, the idea at the time sounded great. I was all for the thought of making up a little lie to leave work early. As I unpacked my bag and sorted out my desk to prepare for the day, my heart felt giddy. My conscience was not at ease. As I listened to my colleague discuss the plans to get out early, I couldn’t do it. Not that the idea didn’t appeal to me – because it did, but in truth, I couldn’t lie and jeopardise my “honest and loyalty” code to be flushed down the drain in a split second to save a few hours of what would have only ended up being an anxiety filled weekend of fun.
I let my colleague down with the truth that I couldn’t do it.
Needless to say, she was not happy about it, but went along with her plan anyway to leave a few hours earlier.
Her conscience didn’t leave her mind. But for me, I could not follow through with the plan she had so excitedly thought up.

As I listened to her plans I felt proud of myself. Not only was I honest, but I did the right thing.
The idea of sitting at work all day on a Friday still doesn’t excite me (haha!), but the idea of keeping my employ and dignity has left me feeling greater than great!
I know each of us is human, and there are moments that do overwhelm us and our actions sometimes work faster than our brain!
No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, sometimes a moment can take our breath away, but in the moments where you can think clearly, have the time to make a decision, and not react too quickly, think before you act, or before you speak to make your decision.
The truth eventually catches up with you. What you do today, may have far reaching consequences for your future – and for me, that is the hardest pill to swallow. Life has its own way of negative punches that are thrown into the whirling ball of every day life, my negative actions by choice don’t have to add to this crazy thing called Life in order to add to my stress levels!
As my Mother has always said, “Prevention is better than cure!”

Enjoy your weekend. Travel safe and speak kind toward one another. Love today, make memories, forgive and phone the person that has been in your heart to contact of late. Speak the truth, but speak it well and be kind.
Life is short, live it to the best, and make wise decisions – you will be happier. Believe it!

Love and God Bless,

See the good in everything today…. even if it’s a battle

How often when we hear bad news/sad news or the day just doesn’t go the way in which we hoped it would, our entire mood changes for the rest of the day? It could be the smallest thing, or a sentence spoken to you which literally was the last straw to deal with and it felt as though your world had collapsed for a mini break in your life?
I think we have all experienced this, several times in our lives.

Last week my Gran passed away. She lives in another town (driving distance from where we live), and my hope was to attend her Memorial. It would be the final tribute for her life. As our kids were busy with end term exams I contacted the school to check times and request if we could pick up the kids earlier in order to attend the Memorial on time.
Under no circumstances would the school change the exam time to be written in the first session of the day for my children. I was annoyed. Their exam was in the second session of the day which ended the exact time the Memorial was to begin. There was no way we would have made it, even if we were driving at light speed.
My heart was sore and I felt sad. I felt like I had let my Father down as I could not attend his Mother’s final life tribute. My husband tried to make arrangements for me, but nothing lead to a positive direction to attend.
Eventually I had to come to peace with the realisation that there was nothing more I could do, it is a part of life, and even though I could not make it, it wasn’t without trying. For the rest of the day I felt really down.

That is just one of many circumstances that can change the beginning of a beautiful day into a morbid ending.
There are several instances that can alter our mood – a colleague at work, unreasonable deductions from our payslip, our kids battling in school or being bullied, relationship issues, failing a driver’s licence, getting a speeding fine, a sale collapsing near month end or not reaching target, traffic, bank charges … and the list goes on, and on!
Since last week, still trying to get over the fact that a Principal at my kids school could not assist in helping us as she has the professional power to move the kids exams to the earlier schedule and allow us to attend my Gran’s funeral annoyed me beyond belief. The realisation that there is a reason for everything that happens, had to settle in my mind and I had to calm down.
As I am not a Principal I do not know all the rules and regulations of how a school is run and I was not about to take her up on the matter, I just had to accept her decision and live with it, no matter how unhappy it made me and my family, under the circumstances.

As the days have gone on, and the Memorial was yesterday, I have been thinking about how easily we can get swooped up in a distant moment and feel like the end of the world is near, or close enough to it. Our actions engulf a reasonable way of thinking and emotionally we can stress ourselves out to such a point our manner is totally uncontrolled with frustration and confusion.
The work place is also a solid environment for frustration, gossip, impatient behaviour and moments of anger or fierce words spoken out in fits of rage, but it doesn’t have to be. The end result does not always have to be a negative overcast shadow that follows us for the rest of the day. It all depends on our individual attitude and response to a negative or sad moment we are dealt with.
My husband often says to me, “we all have moments of anger or frustration, but it is how we channel that attitude that makes all the difference”. In my many desperate moments of defence I don’t always follow his lead (or swallow his sound advice), but in reality it is the truth. Only we, as individuals can change a different moment in the day, deal with it in a decent manner, focus on the bigger picture and move on to finish the day with a positive attitude and go to sleep with a peaceful mind. It can happen! Not always, but I believe it can.
And… who knows? The end result may not even be that bad… How we thought it would turn out in the first place!

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best,
a heart that forgives the worst,
a mind that forgets the bad, and
a soul that never loses faith”.

Let today be different. No matter what comes at you, before you chase after the different conclusions and assumptions, take it in your stride and think positively – think the matter through. Let your mind be controlled by peace and take one step at a time. Your struggle may be real, but guaranteed your day will end better, even though you will have to work through the situation, it can be done with a changed attitude, and fewer words spoken, and a calmer end result!

Have a wonderful day!
Love and God Bless,

I will sing you a love song even when it’s lonely

I like you, you like me.
Let’s fall in love…
Today I love you, and you love me….
Let’s make a life time of this…
I am not sure if you are still the one for me…
But how do I live without you?
Tomorrow I will miss you when you have gone…
Will yesterday be my reality of love again for our love to fulfil the hurt I feel now?
Do you still love me?
Will you still love me today, tomorrow and forever?

These are lines from poetry, songs, books and other posts, and I have to come to realise that love is a really strange ordeal! I mean, nobody on this earth can survive without love, nobody has lived without one person loving them at any time of their existence, and I doubt any person has ever had perfect love each day without glitch or a time of concern or sadness.
Love is love.
My perfect love story is knowing that my Father in Heaven loves me unconditionally. He loves me so much He thought I was enough to die for.

For many of us love comes in different forms, different relationships, at different stages in our lives and for different reasons. But at the end of the day, love is love, it is pure. From the beginning to the end, for if you have never shared love with anyone you will never know the greatest gift of all. True love.

The other day I was out walking with the kids. We belong to a walking group in our area. We were on route and my kids had already out ran me… I walked along and looked at the trees and the river we were passing, there were not many people left (I like to think I was ahead of them, but in truth I was coming last…!) and the worst feeling of emotion came over me (besides the fact that I was coming last) … I was alone!
This feeling of dismal distraction knawd at my heart strings. In reality I have my family, my gorgeous kids, my husband, friends, but in a moment I had this sad realisation of what it would be like to be all alone.
I didn’t like it. It saddens me to think that there are so many of us that are alone. You could be in a relationship, have a job, have a houseful of children and still feel alone.
The last few days I have really struggled with this feeling of loneliness that gripped me and I realise only I can change that into a positive solution. To live a life with love – and share love, even if it is friendship love, is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself and to enjoy life.

If you live a lonely life, you may have lost your spouse, or your children have left home, you could be in a marriage where your spouse is away often, or you may have relocated and haven’t quite found your ‘niche in the new spot’ – there are different forms of loneliness, and the overwhelming feeling hits you like an ice cold wind on your back which takes your breath away and leaves your gut empty, then perhaps it is time to change your circumstances. When those lonely moments set in and pale your heart get up and go do something. You may be thinking, “what is there to do if I am alone”? Well, share your time with others. Others more needy than yourself, visit an orphanage, visit a hospital where patients haven’t had some conversation in a while, phone a friend who you enjoy company with – if you have a friend that loves your sense of humour and sharing their time with you, invest more time with them, even if it is platonic. It does not matter if those around you don’t approve, as long as that person concerned brings out something special within you, has a positive nature, share your time with them. It is you and only you that has to live with the loneliness, so make the most to change it for the better.

If you are in a loveless relationship, perhaps it is time to renew that spark. Or move on. Nobody wants to grow old alone, or with regret – or sharing a future with someone they don’t like! If it means pulling the rug (so to speak) from under their feet and reminding your partner of the good old days when things may have seemed easier, then do it. Living a life with someone to share your life doesn’t always come easy, but to live your life alone is far worse.
This may all sound weird and out of the ordinary, especially if you are young and the world is your oyster, well in truth, time passes rather quickly so don’t waste precious time in believing that you can build the foundation for your future at a later stage in life, invest your time and life with others who will be good for your soul and who will make each day you live a happy and memorable journey.

Each of us have been born to live a good life, not just to exist. To date I have not lived an ordinary life. I have experienced more in my life than most elders will ever experience. Does that make me any different to you? No. Should I be treated any differently? No. But if I have lived a crazy past, I look forward to an extra ordinary future with the best in my life, and who brings out the best in me to make the journey more worth while.
Share your fun, share your days, your wisdom, your laugh and allow others to see your smile, it is your most valuable asset. Enjoy each day and begin to chose your joy. Loneliness can be a thing of the past and the person you are, the amazing person you were born to be… be a light to others so they can share in your beauty and enjoy your presence from today onwards.
You owe that gift to yourself as well.

Love and God Bless,

Expect nothing in return if it’s done from your heart

How many times do you do something and expect something in return? Perhaps you may not even be mindful of it, or perhaps you are helping a friend out and in the back of your mind you thinking, “one day you can repay me the favor”, or you lend money out and it doesn’t get returned as promised to you?
This happens on a daily basis to most people. If you are employed you work for money and you expect to get paid, in order to pay your bills and live a better life. You wouldn’t work for free, unless you assist with charity organisations.

There is a scripture that reads –
“Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being, for the Lord and not for men”.
Colossians 3v23

But how often do we do something for someone and the person we help accepts our time with gratitude and later a time comes that you need help and that same person is not there, or has a world of excuses BUT to help you! I think we have all experienced this at some time in our life. It doesn’t make you feel too great, and in turn you start questioning your friendship, or your mind starts playing acts with you that you always there for them and they just keep letting you down! It kind of makes your reasons for giving seem pointless.
Sound familiar?
This morning when I saw this quote below it made me think of exactly what I have written today. And the truth is, we are all different. None of us were born the same, we don’t think the same, we are individuals of the same species and we definitely don’t share in the same morals or beliefs as the next person.


So what do you do in a situation where you are always being bugged for help and nothing comes back to you in return? Well, you can either break off your friendship, or look deeper into the person’s heart – perhaps there are other ways in which they assist you in other areas in your own life that you need, or you continue to help them because that is within your heart, but then you can not complain, grow weary or question the reasons as to why you do what you do! Simply because you do it because you want to, you can and you are just a nice guy / girl!

Through everything we do in life, once you get to a firm realisation that not everyone is the same as you, not everyone thinks like you and maybe not everyone is as ‘good’ as you, and whatever you do, you do it for the right reasons, you will be happy. To expect something from others will usually end up in hurt, so leave the expectations out.
Do everything with a cheerful heart and be happy!

Have an awesome weekend. Be safe and travel safer!

Love and God Bless,

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Have a change of heart to expect the GOOD in your life!

How often do we really expect something good to come our way? Do we really expect the positive element of surprise in our daily life? The thought of, “something GOOD is going to happen for me today?”
Do those thoughts continuously flood your mind on a daily basis?
I don’t know about you, but my brain isn’t always programmed like that. To expect the good all of the time is not something I exercise daily.
I often think to myself, “why can’t anything I do just run smoothly”. Well, there it is! My thoughts have already actioned my plan – there will undoubtedly be hiccups along the way, and then when things don’t run smoothly I find myself having a mini hysteria collapse because I just can’t believe the outcome!
It is so easy to think the negative, expect the negative and be “okay” when we hear bad news. When you don’t get the job you were so hoping for, or the house you hoped to move into and build memories has gone to someone else, or the car at the discounted price to suit your monthly budget has fallen through, and the attitude we leave ourselves with is, “Oh well… I never expected it anyway! I will just carry on with my same life every day…”
There are reasons why things happen, of course, sometimes it is to bring you closer to what is meant to be, but during the way be positive! Keep reaching for that dream with that spark in your spirit.
Do these words sound familiar to you? Does this feeling of negativity dwell within you most of the time?
Above all, do you believe that your life will be the same today, tomorrow, next week and well, um … forever?

Last weekend my husband and I decided to go out for a bit, on our own. The kids went to stay with my folks and we hit the town! We haven’t been out on our own for a while so we thought, “early dinner, few drinks and go home to get some much needed sleep”.
Well! What a night! The entire evening was unexpected – in a good way! We went out to a place I would never visit in the ordinary, then ended up at a pub / restaurant bar with a live band, enjoyed an amazing dinner, my husband spoiled me with some refreshing cocktails, we played some Slot machines (we both won some extra cash – first time in my life I have ever heard a slot machine echo the sweet sound of winning music!)
*And, under no circumstances do I encourage gambling, but my idea of gambling is throwing in a few coins and once the machine has gobbled it up I am ready to walk out, quickly!*
We played poole, darts and finally got into bed after 3am! I don’t think we have been to bed so late in over 5 years, or longer!
It was a great time out. We both woke up the following morning feeling exhausted! Went to pick up the kids, had a delicious breakfast, finished up some shopping and headed back home to continue with the household chores. We were both exhausted, but it had been a great time out.
As my husband and I climbed into bed the Sunday night, he said, “this was a really fun and unexpected weekend. I had a good time and I really hope you did too.” And my answer was, “Yes!

On my way to work Monday morning I was talking to the Lord and reflecting back on our thrilling weekend, I felt Him say, “this is how you should live each day. With an expected heart. Why would you be surprised to enjoy the good things I have for you when I am good and the God of Love?”
His promises to each of us is that He is the God of love and His love endures today and forever, and He is the God of everything that is good. This means, His promises are for you too, even if you feel inadequate to enjoy them, and receive a good life.
Why should we settle for anything less than the best? Why do we hope for our friends / family to “have it all” while we sit back and ‘wait our turn’ or expect less?
It is a cold fact that most people live a life believing that they are not deserving of something good. Today I am going to remind you that YOU are MORE than deserving! It is time you (me) start re-loading our brains into believing and expecting good turn outs on a daily basis. The promotion that you have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for… start believing that it is yours, speak that promotion into your life. Do not expect anything less.
When something goes wrong (it is a part of life), sort it out, work through it, find the solution and expect positive results. Do not expect anything less.

“God never gives you a dream that matches your budget. He’s not checking your bank account, He is checking your faith”.
It is time to expect the unexpected with positive results because you can and YES you will! It is time to step out in faith and look forward to every wonderful thing that is coming your way.
It is time, for you to enjoy life while you endure life…Expect the unexpected with a grateful heart!

Love and God Bless,

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Parents! Be a positive example in front of your children!

Last night my hubby phoned to give me some great news. It went something like this, “Don’t cook tonight because I am taking you and the kids out for dinner. I know you love Sushi, so be ready when I get home!”
Well… if that phone call doesn’t excite anyone, then I am not sure what will! Two bonuses enlightened me in that moment, 1) I did not have to cook; and 2) Sushi was coming my way and I wasn’t paying for it!

The kids and I dressed and got ready for our special night out.
We arrived and got settled at our table and I noticed a young girl sitting two tables across from us. She was a pretty girl and still dressed in her school uniform. She looked tired and somewhat irritated while she sat staring at anyone and everyone who walked into the restaurant. I never noticed anyone else at her table, as the waiter handed us the Menu. I knew exactly what I was eating so the time was all mine as I glanced across at the people sitting in the restaurant. Listening to my husband and kids discussing their choices of what to eat, my eyes caught this little girl again.
I was a little distracted. “Did I know her? Did I seem familiar to her?” I took my attention back to my family as they had all decided what to eat for dinner and called the waiter to take our order.

While we were placing our order, chaos struck with loud voices and a woman clearly not happy with a situation she was facing at hand. As I looked passed the waiter to see what all the fuss was about I noticed an elder woman standing up at the table where this little girl was sitting.
The lady was clearly drunk. She did not care to notice that the restaurant had come to a halt, and all eyes were fixated on her and the people at the table she was sitting with, as she caused an obnoxious scene with the waiter to bring them another drink!
The waiter walked off with our order, while the kids got up to go play in the kids area. My husband poured his drink and I looked over to the little girl again.
She was staring at me. Her eyes were sad. This time I never looked away, I smiled at her and noticed (we were advised later) her mother was having a (what seemed like) joyful and wonderful, less than what I would call romantic, time with the young man sitting up very closely next to her. Their actions were not for the likes of restaurant state material and they should have rather booked into a cheap hotel to carry on with their lower class acts, instead of acting the way they did in front of a restaurant filled with customers who were all there to do the same thing, enjoy their meals and their night out, and especially her daughter!

It was awkward. As I looked around the restaurant again there were very few people able to enjoy their meals to satiety. It was ruled by upset without reason. The table next to us, where a Mother and Son were enjoying their dinner called the little girl over to sit with them. She didn’t even blink or hesitate to their offer. The little boy collected a chair from a nearby table and the little girl sat for the remainder of her evening with her back toward her Mother and her friend. But still, on several occasions the little girl looked at me. She watched my kids and my husband and in my mind I wondered if she longed for her family. My daughter who had witnessed most of the evening said to my husband and I, “Mommy, my heart is so sore. I feel like crying for that little girl. I am so grateful God gave us a happy family”.
As my husband and I looked at her, my husband responded with, “There are thousands of more children who experience this every day, even worse”.

Eventually, her Mother and friend decided it was time to take their “private” party else where. As they threw back every shooter on the table and finished every other alcoholic drink that was in front of them, she called for her daughter. “Are you coming with us or are you walking home?”
By this stage I looked at my husband as though he had to rescue this little girl.
I felt like answering the question of abuse on behalf of the little girl! I was furious with the mother and her heartless actions.
The little girl sat still. “I am not going with you, she mumbled”, after a short while of confrontation from her mother’s so-called friend and a lady from another table who tried to get involved and assist where possible, the little girl got up and walked passed us. She looked at me as if to say, “please help me”.
My heart was broken, I could not stand to see what we had just witnessed.

We drove home in silence. I could not help myself by looking for her along the road.
This made me so angry, and it has really got me thinking that what my husband said is so true, “she is not the only little girl in this world who lives her life by being bullied and rejected by her own parents”.
I did nothing to help.
Perhaps this is the worst part of it all. I am not sure. I have never been in a situation like that before, and to be truthful, I didn’t know how to react to the situation – without dishing the mother and her friend with a tight fist!

We got home. I tucked my kids into bed and we prayed – as much as my heart hurt, I was grateful my children are safe. I thanked the Lord for helping me be the best parent I can possibly be to the children He has blessed us with. His own children He created for us to take care of on this earth.
As my children prayed, they asked the Lord to protect the little girl they had met that evening and to protect all the other children in the world who face the same daily difficulty and challenges in their own home.

I really don’t know how to end this post today. To be honest, what I witnessed last night has deeply effected me. All I can ask for, to every parent reading this post … be a positive example to your children EVERY DAY! In everything you do – the words you speak. In your actions. Choose the people you meet and spend time with carefully, and remember the people you socialise with reflect your own behaviour and your character – be wise with who you share your life and spare time with.
Single parents (and I was one a few years ago), so I speak from my own experience, be sensitive to the new partners you bring home, or better still, don’t bring anyone home to meet with your loved ones or children until you are certain the person you spend time with is of good, responsible and sober habits – a person who is capable of being responsible around your children and family, a person who is worthy of being met by your loved ones and who respects you, and a person who wants to spend more time with you, and your family.

This is such a sensitive subject. I know. And if you are a child who can respond to this today, I pray for you. I pray that your heart will know true love and you will grow up respecting yourself. May your dreams be vivid, may your life be filled with renewed hope each and every day and may your heart’s desires you so hope for come to pass in your life. You are so worth it.
There is a saying that says, “the apple does not fall far from the tree”. I do not quite believe this. As I watched that little girl last night with the pain in her eyes, I doubt very much she would choose to follow in her Mother’s footsteps one day.
Be at peace. Your future is everything you make it to be, so don’t lose hope. This world is unkind and it is filled with many unkind people and actions, but in truth, there are also many beautiful people on this earth, find them and live a good and solid life.

May God bless you each and every day. May His face shine upon you and give you all the happiness your hearts desire, today and forever. And to all the parents who love their children unconditionally. Thank you. Thank you for creating little people who will make a difference in our future one day, our next generation who is so desperate for loving, settled and kind people.
I salute you. Never go to bed believing your children don’t need you – they do and they love you, even in the times when you don’t feel it!

God bless each and everyone of you, your children and your household. Today and forever.

Love and God Bless,

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Time runs away with us, but Time is so precious – hold onto it

This morning my son walked through to the kitchen to make his breakfast, he kissed me good morning and said in a soft tone, “Mom, can you believe it is already Friday?”
Excitedly I said, “Yesssss! Great isn’t it?”
He didn’t answer back as excited as I was and said, “Yes I know, but it just seems like yesterday it was Sunday”.

I felt a little embarrassed. I mean, usually the tables are turned and the kids are excited for the weekend and the parents are usually calmer, but today it was my turn to call out the tunes and get over excited.
On my way to work I thought about time. How fast does time go by? My son is 100% right when he said, “it felt like it was Sunday yesterday”.
Where does our time go? In saying this, my husband and I were talking about our future plans last night and I was disturbed thinking, “wow, I am really getting older. This stuff is what is supposed to be discussed and sorted out when you get older! In reality, I am older! Well, older than I was 20 years ago.
Yesterday scrolling through Face Book I noticed a post feeding through and people on my list were ticking their “Bucket List” of things they have already done. About 3/4 of things to do on the list I had never heard of, thought about, or haven’t done!
However, there were a few that I have managed to achieve!

Life happens. Some of us don’t get to do everything we dreamed of doing. Some of us fortunately can, or have. It doesn’t make any person better or different, each of us have our own choices, it is up to us how we spend our valued time, after all, every one of us has 24 hours in a day to do what we can or chose how we spend our hours.
Time is moving faster, for some crazy reason as I have gotten older time seems to fly by and I have come to realise that each day is perfect for me. No matter what I do, who I spend it with, the most important part of my day is knowing I am sharing my life with the people who mean the most to me, and one day I will look back and realise today was the best time of my life.
However, there is always time to accomplish more and dream bigger – I don’t doubt that for a single second.

If you are anything like me and love the weekends, holidays and time off from the office, you will share my heart, but in saying this, I don’t hope to wish my life away or see my children grow up faster than they should. Enjoy today, enjoy these moments and surround yourself with people who give you joy and you don’t mind life moving quicker as long as they are a part of it. Go home and tell your loved ones what they mean to you. Hug your friends when you see them, phone your long distance family and say hi, Skype your family or friend who is overseas, switch the TV off (even if it is for only 1 hour) and take your children for a walk, or watch them play outside (without their mobiles!).
Get real. Get your feet in the sand and ground yourself. Feel the sun on your face, or if you are in a country that experiences an abundance of rain, go outside and feel the drops on your face. Relish this moment, whether you are old or young – it is just a number, live each day.
Wish for today to be perfect, there is no rush.
If you are sitting with a loved one beside a hospital bed, as strange as it sounds (I too have been there) enjoy those living moments with them. Massage their hand, read to them, hug them, brush their hair – enjoy each moment you have, with whom you share it with.
I may not have a long life on this earth, or I may live to be in my 90s, but what I do hope for is that when I look back again to my past I will smile because of who I have spent my time with, even the people that chose to bring harm toward me or spoke negatively about me, it does not matter. They have taught me a multitude of life’s lessons. I am still here, living my life in perfect harmony with a God who Loves me unconditionally and who thinks I am to die for, a family who loves me, and I have a place in this world because I have been created for a purpose. You have too.

Today is now. It is the present. Love it and enjoy the time you have for each day in passing is precious and it is a story to tell, and will be a memory that can never be taken from you.

Have an awesome weekend, and YES it is FRIDAY! Yay!
Love and God Bless,

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That nasty word you said left a chip in my heart

Words…… We speak a thousand, five thousand, ten thousand words per day… maybe more, maybe less….

Three months ago we were blessed with a new car. Not brand new, but it sure is an upgrade to what we had previously. I have looked after our new car as best as I possibly can.
I am sure most men can relate, when you purchase your partner a new car… every now and then your eyes take a once over glance to ensure the car is still in good order and the trolleys at the shopping malls haven’t left their desired marks on your ‘new purchase’, and in all honesty your spouse can breathe again on the all clear until the next time!
I do not care too much for material possessions, however, I do believe in taking care of your belongings responsibly.

This morning, after finishing my errands, I parked my car at work and as I got out I noticed a horrible scratch on the side mirror of the car. I went into the office to fetch a cloth and see if it wasn’t just dirt. No… it was a bad scratch. There is no longer paint there, only a beautiful round design of metal left behind. I phoned the panel beaters to request a quote for touch up paint! (You just never know if it may happen again in the future!)
I was annoyed.
As much as the mark looks terrible on the vehicle, now that I have noticed it my eyes keep focusing on it now. I think what annoyed me more is that someone could have scratched my car and didn’t show the respect to let me know that it happened.

My day had started. It is Friday, a long weekend coming up, I was all ready for this great day and now I hit a speed bump so early in the morning! And who really has the energy to work on a Friday? In the back of my mind, through out my working day, all I could think about was this darn scratch on my car. I doubt I will have to tell my husband, because he either already knows and is waiting for me to tell him or he will surely see it tonight or over the weekend and wait for the enlightening explanation first hand!

As I was in between work, clients and month end work my mind kept going back to my car! I went outside again and chatted to some of the nearby staff. There is a buzz in the office, like I mentioned previously, Monday is a public holiday, so the long weekend is near and there is just too much excitement! I sat back at my desk and thought to myself. This silly episode about a scratch on my car, even if I get touch up paint, it may look neater, but it will always be there. It has happened and there is nothing I can do about it now, but fix it the best I possibly can.
This scratch is like damaged words being spoken to someone. We may say “I am sorry” and move on, but those words will always leave a mark in our heart and remain in our mind.

A car is a material possession. It does not give life, and it does not pay for a future, but in many circumstances it makes us happy and aids me and my family from getting from A to B and enjoying a simpler life. The scratch, yes, will always be there, but it does not determine who I am and it can not bring a negative impact to break down my entire day, perhaps my wallet in a small way, but that is a part of life.

But what about our words? How often do we speak and not think how our words affect the person who is being spoken to? We have control over our words every time we open our mouth.
The other morning I was having a moment where nothing seemed to put a smile on my face. I am sure there are many of us who have experienced these days sometime! My husband, who has the sweetest face, looked at me and said, “next time you say something can it be positive?”
Sarcasm would have loved to have reigned in that moment, but to be perfectly honest, I realised he was so right! (I don’t often like to admit that he is right, but that day he was!)
Since then I have really been concentrating on the words I speak. It is a challenge. It is even more of a challenge to keep quiet when there is nothing nice to say.
As we go into this weekend, social activities are bouncing and we are with our loved ones, use this weekend as practice and start to speak words of comfort, love and positive.
The challenge is on and it may be the best challenge you will ever take for a more productive and positive future for everyone concerned!

Speak words of life into your own life, your family, your children and of course, your spouse. Your words will come back to you, so ensure they are words that you will be willing to eat at a later stage.

Have an awesome weekend.
Love you and be happy.

Love and God Bless,

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Making delicious memories with your daughter

My daughter has reached the age where she wants to do everything for herself. Okay, she has been trying to do this since she started walking! (Let’s face it, these days children are growing up way too quickly!), anyhow, she is 10 years old and watches everything we do like a hawk. As a parent, we all believe our children are the best, and after all, we are allowed to believe it!
At times I look at her and wonder to myself, “how was it that God blessed us with such a beautiful young little soul?” Her character overwhelms us and the love she has for her parents truly makes us proud.
During the last few weeks she has had a fascination for the kitchen. My husband can cook. In fact, I have learnt a lot from him over the past years and now it’s my daughter’s turn to learn from him as he puts together heaven on our plates.

If you have a daughter you will know how special it is when you bake together. Something wonderful happens between a mother and daughter when they get together in the kitchen and bake something fabulous and oh so tasty! (or you may have been blessed with sons, and now have a grand daughter!)
Would you agree?
I can not disagree that some of the best bakers and chefs in the world are men, but today I am going to spend some time on the Mother / Daughter moments that should be seized in life and never forgotten, or denied in any family during their childhood years.

So Friday afternoon, after a long week at work I could feel the sugar strings tug and cause war in my taste buds. I knew if I mentioned it my kids would be on a mission to get a sweet. After all, Friday is our treat day!
Once we arrived home, unpacked our things I looked in our grocery cupboard and was delighted to find all the necessary ingredients needed to bake a delicious chocolate cake.
As I started getting the ingredients out, in walked my daughter, eyes fixated on the recipe book and she made a smile that could have been larger than the length of a 30cm ruler! She had reached her element!
“MOM! Are we baking?” She asked in delight.
Before I could answer, she said quickly, “please can I bake it on my own? I promise I won’t make a mess, and I will make us the yummiest chocolate cake we have EVER tasted, okay? I just want to bake on my own today, you stand over there and watch!”
By “standing over there and watch” I knew she meant, you can stand by the sink and wash the dishes!!!

I don’t know what came over me in that moment, but before I knew it she had taken control and was on the go. She read the recipe out step by step, measured the ingredients out as I had always taught her, broke the eggs in a separate cup to avoid any rotten eggs being mixed in with the mixture, switched on the oven and mixer and there she was, baking a chocolate cake all on her own! (While I stood washing dishes!)
Half way through she said, “Today we are going to make it different. We are going to make half chocolate and half vanilla?” She took out two tins, greased them, poured half the vanilla mixture in the one tin and the remainder of the mixture she added in cocoa. I watched her in amazement.

In the oven it went as she started preparing the icing.
Once the sponges had baked and she had left them on the rack to cool I watched her as she cleaned up around her and took out the sprinkles and cut up the cherries for decoration. There was no stopping her, in her heart she had made up her mind that this was going to be the first cake she would ever bake on her own and it was going to be a winner!
We all had to leave the kitchen and sit in the lounge while she iced and decorated the cake, and this was the turn-out we received as she cut each of us our slice …


Does that not look just too delicious?
We were so proud of her!
To watch her face and notice how proud she was of herself was a truly amazing moment. Her delight didn’t just end there, before she sat down to have her slice she went outside to see if our neighbours were home so she could take them a slice each to enjoy. She did not know what it tasted like, but all she knew was that she, in her own mind, at her young age, had baked the yummiest cake ever!
By the picture you will see it was not only beautiful, but the taste was perfection…

Over the weekend, while I noticed the cake tin had been opened a few times and the cake started decreasing in size (even I had to sneak in a little extra taster here and there!!!) I was reminded how sweet life truly is. There are many moments that we treasure in life, and there are many times we can get bitter and angry, but the truth is, during the good and the bad special moments remind us of how good life can be. We didn’t just bake a cake that day. We didn’t just count added calories that will have to be worked off this week, and yes, there were more dishes than usual I had to wash, but what we did do is, we made a memory in our lives together. We created a Mother / Daughter moment that will forever be in our hearts, and hopefully one day she will share with her daughter. But Friday was our day to enjoy and it was one of the sweetest days I will always remember, and I know she will never forget.
Let this be a reminder to all of us, no matter how busy our weeks get, let us make a sweet memory together with our children – even if it’s individually. My son is not interested right now in baking, so he was outside playing, but he most certainly enjoyed the end result and complimented his sister again and again! (Perhaps it was his way of claiming another piece for later on!)
They grow so fast, they move out of the house, travel, or live abroad, whatever the case, enjoy the time you have with your children. If they are still young and you are with them day and night, it does not necessarily mean you are spending quality time with them. Make special time with them.

May your week be sweet. Plan something special to do and make it a memory to be cherished. I can promise you, it will do you and your child a world of good.
Have an awesome week and be safe.

Love and God Bless,

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